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8 Proven Benefits of Being Single

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Now that I’ve found and experienced both the SINGLE PART and RELATIONSHIP PART, I had to come with something that tells what is more better and feels good to be and why; what are the benefits of being in a relationship and what are the benefits of being single (the crucial part).

I’ve been in a relationship for 11 months and what I found in it is that if your partner is willing and struggling/ putting the same efforts into making a relationship work, the same quantity of efforts you’re putting in, you can lead and go the long-far way. But there are still things that you can’t do in a relationship (more often – not always). One of these things or relationship mistakes is allowing of a personal space to the other person in a relationship (and that’s where I lost my relationship as well).

What are the benefits of being single?

Being single can carry you a long way; you are dependent on your own. There is no doubt that being in a relationship feels better (only if your partner is willing to keep the relationship healthier and trustworthy), but still, being single is one of the best feelings too. There are tons of benefits one can have by being single.

benefits of being single

Benefits of being single – 8 benefits:

There aren’t limited numbers of benefits one can have by being single, but so many. Some of the best benefits of being single are:

You can be whoever you want to be

Yeah. That might seem a bit strange to you but think of a scenario where you’ve just lost your mind and you are doing funnier things (most of us do them sometimes) but your partner isn’t okay with the way you are acting and he/ she wants you to stop it immediately. There’s no way you can be whoever you want to be when you are into a relationship because you might look immature to your partner and he/ she doesn’t want that.

You can travel anywhere you want

If you were into a relationship, you probably had to ask from your partner about the plans that you had in your mind of traveling the world and doing fun with your friends. Now there are two options for you to choose between; to go to roam all over the world with your partner OR to quit thinking about traveling with your friends.

You become more stress-free than before

It has been proved that when a person is in a relationship, loads of responsibilities on him/ her weighs more; he/ she loses the Happiness Part in there somehow. Being single helps you in being happy more; being single helps you appreciate yourself.

You can be more productive

You might like the way you send your partner the cute messages, or love messages or any type of cute things that your partner likes, but they suck most of your times; you waste your time. When you are single, you don’t waste your time doing that, but you are more productive with yourself, your life, and your aims.

You become more dependent

When you are single you are depending on your own self and not your partner. You are more satisfied with your decisions and results. You are more happier that way.

You can enjoy with your friends

It was a hard time meeting your friends when you were into a relationship; you had to face many questions and adversities just to meet the people you used to be with, the whole day. You can enjoy and be with the best people of your life again when you are single.

You are more shaped and fit

When in a relationship, most of the people don’t get time to workout and never look for their bodies and shape. Being single helps you focus on yourself and be a beast.

You spend little amount of money

You don’t have to buy your partner gifts and all just to keep your partner happier. You are now dependent on your own self. You are investing in yourself than your partner; you invest less (somehow lesser than the amount you used to spend earlier).

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