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9 Relationship Mistakes That Most Of Us Make

I was writing about relationships, dating, and stuff like that for a while and what I found most of the time was nothing but questions regarding relationship mistakes. I have seen most of the people asking about what are the mistakes that we should avoid while in a relationship, how the beginning of a relationship should be, and is there any relationship compatibility type of thing or not? Keeping most of the queries and questions in mind, I have collected some of the best factors to look upon when there is a beginning of a relationship happening, relationship compatibility between two persons, and the relationship mistakes that most of us do which ruin our relationships at an instant.

Relationship Mistakes and Queries

Some of the core of the relationship mistakes cover relationship compatibility and beginning of a relationship.

Relationship Compatibility + Beginning of a Relationship:

For the compatibility part in the relationship and how a beginning of a relationship should be, I suggest you to neglect the entire zodiac and crap to decide whom should you be dating. It is nothing but a complete waste of time and letting go of opportunities. What you should look for are some of the main factors that everybody should know before proceeding and stepping into the relationship. They are:

  • Find out whether you like your partner and he/she likes you back.
  • Find out whether you feel comfortable around your partner and he/she feels the same around you.
  • Find out whether you can be a knight of your partner and will he/she be the same or not.

And all of the positive factors that you think are worthy enough to be able to trust anybody and love them unstoppable. And once you have found everything you need to know about your partner and yourself (all the characteristics and capabilities), go ahead and build up a healthy relationship without checking out onto any zodiac calendar or stuff.


9 Relationship Mistakes That Most Men Make:

No one’s ideal, however, it appears there are a few mix-ups that have more analytical results on your adoration relationship than others. Make your marriage a win by staying away from these relationship mistakes/ traps.

Consideration of Same Interest

We often like it when our partners are interested in the same things as us. It is not necessarily possible for your partner to have same hobbies/ interests as yours and you have no charge over them. You have no right to force them to like whatever you’re interested in, and this often ruins the relationship.

Over Expected Romance

That’s something so powerful that every person should be aware of it, otherwise, would get him/ her nowhere but disappointments. Expecting too much from the idea of the fairy-tale romance will lead you to disappointments. Accept the type of romance both of you has and you’ll be happy.


It is wrong for a person to think that their partner will solve all of his/ her problems. There’s nobody that will ever be able to solve all your problems (might be able to address some of them), but yourself. You have to be independent and neglect the idea of someone else solving your problems.

Perfection Doesn’t Come Easy

Nothing is easier; even picking an apple off of a tree requires some efforts. Then how can you expect a perfect relationship to be easier? It isn’t. If you want your relationship to work out and stand perfect, you have to make efforts and cooperate with each other untiringly.

Silent Care

Is it possible for you to find out what the other person in front of you thinks about you? You’d surely want him/ her to speak up so that you know everything that he/ she has to say to you. The relationship works the same way. You might be caring for your partner undoubtedly, but without letting your partner know about it, your partner might find you boring and non-caring.


Drop off your habit of analyzing and questioning too much about everything that your partner has to go through. Whether it’s the party he has to attend or a funeral. Over-thinking and analyzing most of his moves put you into a deep hole of depression.

Taking Control

It is one of the relationship mistakes that most of the people do out there; taking control of the moves and ideas of their partner. Would you like it if you want to do anything you want (acceptable/ reasonable) but you need an approval of your partner for every single thing, and you know that if you don’t, things might fall into pieces. That’s the case here. You need to give your partner rights to choose in between decisions and ideas on their own without asking for your approval.

Bringing Change

Most of us try to change our partners the way we want our partners to be. This is one of the reasons the relationships don’t work often. You have to accept all of the flaws and habits of your partner and love them the way they are.

Puzzled Beliefs

Puzzled beliefs contain many things that most of us believe our partner will get to know at ease. But the fact is, they are completely false beliefs, and everybody should avoid them. Some of these beliefs are:

  • Believing that it’s always your partner’s job to make you happy.
  • Believing that it’s easier for your partner to understand you without speaking up.
  • Believing that it’s necessary for your partner to speak up first in a conversation.

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