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Am I In Love With Him/ Her OR Not

I talk to this person for hours, like a lot of time, but I don’t know whether I love this person or not – am I in love with him/ her? You might be having this same question or relatives regarding that person you feel like you have feelings for, which is why you are here.

I know your head spins and your heart tricks you into believing and realizing that you are in love but can you be sure? It might get tough for you to find the love of your life and tell whether you’re in love or not but it’s not impossible to tell, thank God for that. [How do I Know If I Love My Boyfriend]

Worry not if you have no idea regarding what it takes to answer the question as am I in love or not, just like 21% of the people suffering from the same query; having no clue of their true feelings and emotions towards that specific person.

am i in love with him or her

 Am I in Love With Him/ Her – 23 Sure-Fire Signs:

To answer that question completely, you need to be going through our list of signs that tell you whether you’re in love or not; these signs are researched and proven facts that hint you knowing your affection towards someone.

Following are the signs that tell you whether you’re in love or it’s just an idea that you’re dealing with:

  1. You check your phone all the time wishing you might’ve received a message from the person you think you’re in love with.
  2. Everything that you do (watching TV, playing games, using internet etc.) remind you of that specific person somehow.
  3. You spend most of your time with that person without caring about the situation and how long you’ve talked; that person becomes your priority.
  4. You find yourself always thinking and talking about that particular person.
  5. You re-read the old messages of that specific person, often.
  6. You feel like spending an hour with that person is worth more than the whole day with somebody else.
  7. Wasting time becomes something that doesn’t exist; you don’t care of time when you’re talking to that person.
  8. You’re always curious about that person – whether he/ she is about to come talk to you or meet you.
  9. You feel butterflies in your stomach when you think about that person or when that person appears.
  10. When you talk to that person, you feel more alive than ever; you’re more energetic to do all the daily tasks with more energy and strength.
  11. You start to defend that person the minute your best friend says something negative regarding that person you feel you’re in love with.
  12. You feel like that person is beyond perfection and you keep repeating yourself “He/ She is the one!”.
  13. You point out that person’s positive qualities and start loving them.
  14. You start wishing to help that person anyhow in anything to make better connections and bonding.
  15. You find yourself working for your better appearance just so that person finds you attractive.
  16. No matter what the conversation topic is and how aimless it gets, you always have fun talking with this person you feel you’re in love with.
  17. You find every possible reason to talk to this person and get to meet him/ her, because you just want to.
  18. If you were in a relationship earlier, you forget about your ex when you talk to this person.
  19. You get happier but if that person asks you the reason, you’re clueless.
  20. You stop putting time in talking to other girls/ boys for the sake of this person.
  21. Your passion for love becomes uncontrollable; you do stupid things just to have this person engaged to you.
  22. You start taking out all of the information regarding this person – this shows your curiosity to get to know this person, entirely.
  23. You start fearing that he/ she might leave you on your own when the time passes, just like most people do.

If you find yourself doing all of the things above (or most of the things), you my friend, are in love. Now all it takes for you to do is to make that person want you back as well, if you’re serious and ready to commit. When you’re done making that person want you back too, you must have to be sure whether that person likes you back or not.

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