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Bad Relationship – 22 Signs You’re In a Wrong Relationship

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We all try to get far away from the toxicity and the harmful things that put only depression, expectations, sadness, disasters, and relatives – which is why we try to gather every single information about anything that we want to do, in the safest way possible to lessen the harm and heartbreaks in an outcome. And here we will be discussing about the signs and information you need to know before jumping straight into a relationship; avoiding the bad relationship.

Bad Relationship – What really is a bad when it comes to relationships?

Be them the deeds or the things, they ruin your relationship in an instant sometimes – the usage and taking part of these things in any relationship leads both the relationship and person to the total destruction – they fail your relationship. This is why these things are ticked as “BAD” and if they take place in a relationship, the relationship is marked as “BAD” as well.

bad relationship

Bad Relationship – What are the bad things and signs you’re into a wrong relationship?

Following are the bad things or signs that you’re into a wrong relationship:

  • When you say “NO” to any particular thing that you don’t like or you’re not used to, your partner doesn’t accept it.
  • Your partner turns to and asks for somebody else’s help other than yours.
  • Your partner doesn’t idealize, memorize, dream, and think of you in his/ her future.
  • Your partner is engaged to other people and trying to flirt with them to kill time and loneliness.
  • No matter what happens, you and your partner always fight with each other.
  • Your partner is being an actor all the time; going more dramatic way and exaggerating the little things just for drama and killing peace (pathetic sign of a bad relationship).
  • Your partner is weak on a bed and he/ she doesn’t know what it takes to satisfy a girl/ boy.
  • Your partner yells at you; in private and public both.
  • Your partner avoids you and ignores you while cheering and loving the idea of spending the time of him/ her with his/ her friends.
  • Your partner doesn’t plan anything for your better quality time.
  • Your partner meets you rarely.
  • Your partner doesn’t cherish anything about you; whether is it your hairstyle OR the efforts you’re putting into making a relationship work.
  • Your partner doesn’t trust you regarding anything (one of the most-known relationship mistakes signs of a bad relationship).
  • Your partner doesn’t communicate often with you – which is totally wrong.
  • You feel insecure and not happy when in a relationship.
  • Your partner doesn’t listen to you, ever.
  • You and your partner prefer “SEX” more than love.
  • There happens to be no understanding between any of you.
  • Your partner lies to you, more often.
  • You start thinking that your partner isn’t ready to be a good parent.
  • You and your partner start blaming each other for the unhappiness in each other’s life.
  • Your life seems to be out of control.
  • You feel and have a sense that you’re being cheated or something that belongs to your relationship isn’t good.

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