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83 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Cute names to call your boyfriend are one of the cutest things for you to do when you’re in a relationship. Why? Because it is one of the ways you can show your affection to your soulmate and tell him you adore him still. [Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend]

Everybody has nicknames given by dearest people who matter the most. For example, you might have a nickname given to you by your mom or grand-mom (or anybody) just after few months you were born. Now you know why it happened in the first place; your family love you which is why they call you with other cute names as well other than your own actual name.

Why Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend Matter?

Every relationship depends on the support, trust, understanding, and showing of affection; if you’re missing onto any of the parts of a relationship, you lose. To show your affection and love to your partner, you have to do everything it takes for your partner to know that you care. Calling your boyfriend with cute names is one of them things you can allow yourself to do to make your partner know of your affection. [How to Save a Relationship]

cute names to call your boyfriend

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend – 83 Names:

Now that you know why cute names to call your boyfriend matter, you might have run out of words/ nick names to use and call your partner by. Worry not, below is our ready-made list of all the cute names you can read from:

  1. Adorable – a simple yet effective name you can call the love of your life that you adore.
  2. Apple – a name used to point the priceless guy.
  3. Angel – the name says it call; can be used with to a person with features of angels.
  4. Angus – you can use this if your person is brave and strong.
  5. Amore Mio – it means ‘My Love’ in Italian
  6. Babe – classical yet simple.
  7. Baby – to the person who’s your love.
  8. Bae – one who comes first before anybody else.
  9. Bad boy – a person who makes you weak at knees.
  10. Bear – to the person who hugs mostly.
  11. Baby Doll – to the cutest guy you adore.
  12. Beautiful – simple yet powerful.
  13. Bestie – used most for best friends.
  14. Bubble – you can use this if your guy is cheeky.
  15. Bug boy – a person who’s mature.
  16. Boo – cutest and lovable.
  17. Brown Sugar – Latino hunk.
  18. Bubloo – a person who’s chubby.
  19. Bunny – cuddly and lovable.
  20. Cookie – a crisp to your life.
  21. Champ – a winner who won your heart.
  22. Cherry – cute and innocent.
  23. Chiku – sweetest.
  24. Cuddles – to the people who cuddle most.
  25. Cupcake – cute and sweet.
  26. Cutie – cutest person in your life.
  27. Cutie Pie – similar to ‘Cutie’.
  28. Daddy – a person who fulfills your needs.
  29. Dark Moon – a person who’s present in your dark times.
  30. Darling – my love.
  31. Destiny – your soulmate.
  32. Dirty Boy – a person who’s always intimate.
  33. Ducky – playful.
  34. Fluffy – soft.
  35. Frozen Fire – a person who’s quiet outside but sexier inside.
  36. Genie – man of your dreams.
  37. Goody – innocent, retard, and lovable.
  38. Handsome – good looking.
  39. Hercules – sexy well-shaped guy.
  40. Hero – your survivor.
  41. Honey – a sweet person.
  42. Hot Chocolate – a person who’s dark but hot.
  43. Hubby – husband.
  44. Hun – honey.
  45. Hunk – a handsome guy.
  46. Jelly – a jealous friend.
  47. King – a person who rules your heart.
  48. Lifeline – a person you can’t live without.
  49. Lifemate – life partner.
  50. Loo Loo – sweet, fun, and sexy.
  51. Moe – a guy so perfect it makes you think he’s unreal.
  52. Muffin – lovable, soft.
  53. Mustard – rich, spicy, and sexy.
  54. Oreo – sweet and dark.
  55. Panda – sweet, cute, cuddly, and lovable.
  56. Papa – overprotective boyfriend.
  57. Peanut – a sweet short guy.
  58. Playboy – a person who loves the company of women.
  59. Poo-boo – cute and large.
  60. Puppy – devoted to you.
  61. Quake – earth shaker.
  62. Randy – horny.
  63. Romeo – romantic.
  64. Sexy – a person who causes your heartbeat go faster.
  65. Shang – can do anything.
  66. Snowbunny – cute and cuddly.
  67. Shortie – cute and little.
  68. Snuggy – a person you love the most.
  69. Sparkle – shiny.
  70. Squishy – kind hearted.
  71. Strawberry – seductive and hot.
  72. Suga – shorter version of sugar.
  73. Sugar – sweet.
  74. Sunny – a hot guy.
  75. Sweetie – darling, hot, and sweetheart.
  76. Sweetheart – a person who’s sweet at heart.
  77. Teddy – a person you can’t resist hugging.
  78. Tiger – a hunter.
  79. Treasure – precious thing that matters in your life.
  80. Unicorn – a person everybody loves but is yours.
  81. Winnie – amazing body.
  82. Wookie – playful and happy.
  83. Yummy – hot and sexy.

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