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55 Cute Things to Call Your Girlfriend

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Cute things to call your girlfriend contain both the nicknames and a particular thing that you use to hint your significant other of your calling. It is nothing new that we call our girlfriends with nicknames or cute names that nobody else uses to call them; it is ordinary these days that we use these cute names to call our girlfriend when it comes to showing love and adoration. [How to Love Forever and Always the Same Person]

Nicknames can be seen a tradition since ages; remember when your grandma gave you a nickname that she still uses to call you by? That’s how they work (nicknames). You give these names to the most lovable people of your life and then you call them with that particular name that shows your affection and attraction towards them. Now you know why is it important for you to be calling your girlfriend by a particular nickname that only you can call your girlfriend by. [83 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend]

cute things to call your girlfriend

55 Cute Things to Call Your Girlfriend By:

There’s not a single funny nickname to call your girlfriend by, there are so many cute things to call your girlfriend – what matters here is to use the proper nickname that defines your girlfriend the best way possible; if your girlfriend is shy and you use a nickname called “sassy ma’am”, it won’t make no sense.

Following are some of the best cute name to call your girlfriend:

  1. Adorable – if you adore her.
  2. Angel – if she’s innocent and beautiful.
  3. Angel Eyes – if she has beautiful eyes.
  4. Angel Face – if she’s beyond beautiful.
  5. Babe – if she’s hot.
  6. Baby – if she’s cute and cuddly.
  7. Baby Doll – if she’s doll to you.
  8. Bambi – if she makes your life perfect.
  9. Blossom – if she’s like flower and smells good.
  10. Boo Bear – if she’s cuddly like panda.
  11. Bunny – if she’s sweet, cute, and soft.
  12. Bubble – if she’s round and chubby.
  13. Cutie – if she’s cute.
  14. Cinderella – if she’s princess.
  15. Cupcake – if she’s sweet and tastes good.
  16. Candy – if she’s delicious and sweet.
  17. Cookie – if she gives taste to your life.
  18. Cuddly – if she can be cuddled.
  19. Darling – if she’s dear to you.
  20. Doll – if you found her to be like a doll.
  21. Dove – if she’s pure and fragile.
  22. Flame – if she puts you on fire.
  23. Flower – if she’s soft and beautiful.
  24. Fruity – if she’s tasty.
  25. Gorgeous – if you find her to be gorgeous.
  26. Goldie – if she’s gold.
  27. Honey – if she’s sweet.
  28. Hottie – if she’s hot.
  29. Huggy – if you want to hug her all the time.
  30. Jelly Bean – if you like her as same as you like jelly beans.
  31. Kiddo – if she’s immature.
  32. Kitty – if you want to pet her.
  33. Love – if she’s the love of your life.
  34. Lovie – if she’s romantic.
  35. Lovebird – if she’s sets your heart free to fly.
  36. Muffin – if she’s sweet and you want to eat her.
  37. Peachy – if she’s pretty as peach.
  38. Pretty – because she’s pretty.
  39. Princess – if she believes in fairy tales.
  40. Panda – If you want to cuddle her all the time.
  41. Peanut – if she’s tasty.
  42. Pooh – if she’s cute and adorable and Winnie the Pooh.
  43. Rose – if she’s like rose to you.
  44. Smiles – if she puts your mouth on smile.
  45. Sexy – it is what it is.
  46. Sparkle – if she shines brighter.
  47. Star – If she sparkles like a star in a night.
  48. Sugar – if she’s sweet.
  49. Sunshine – if she brightens your day.
  50. Sweetie – if she’s sweet to you.
  51. Sweets – the same as sweetie.
  52. Teddy Bear – if she’s cute and cuddly.
  53. Treasure – if she’s hard to find.
  54. Twinkle – if she shines brightly.
  55. Zuzu – if she makes no sense.C

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