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225 Sexual Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl, Guy, Girlfriend (Hot)

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Questions to ask a guy or girl is something we all do and enjoy; the curiosity in asking such kinds of questions is at the peak level – but because of the shyness that we have in ourselves, we pretend like we are the most innocent ones alive.

Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

It is necessary for both the boys and the girls to discuss intimacy and questions to ask a guy or girl for the better-bonding process and the love-making desire – if you are missing onto these questions and you find yourself to be the SHY-PERSON-ALIVE, you might never get to feel the physical touches and pleasure of your partner.

Difference between Flirting and questions to ask a guy or a girl:

There’s a huge difference between flirting and questions that you can ask any guy or girl; flirting helps you make your partner teased while questions make your partner perplexed. And, flirting is the whole world – while questions are the part of flirting.

dirty questions to ask a guy

dirty questions to ask a guy

Questions to ask a guy or a girl:

Things turn out to be very interesting and naughtier the minute you start talking OR the minute you turn out to be the minded – this is when the real fun starts to begin.

Below are the 40 most relevant questions to ask a guy or a girl for in-depth intimacy, romance, and love:

So just go ahead with these questions to ask a girl, so as to virtually make ecosystem, wild and kinky her or he would really like to explore sexuality with you in a revived shape. Simply maintain tabs on these questions to ask a girl buddy and you’ll by no means have to face that boring segment to your existence.

Those questions will paintings as relationship revivals for your romantic life and will assist you discover the hidden and unexplored aspect of your girlfriend. Just make sure you’re going slowly within the starting with these grimy questions to ask a woman

You can pass these questions to ask a girlfriend too, so that they can also enjoy these. These will assist you get into the pores and skin of your girlfriend and you could explore extra sexual fantasies with every other when you begin trusting each other.

40 Dirty Talk Questions To Ask A Girl To Turn Them On For Sex

dirty question to ask a girl


  1. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
  2. What do you look for in a guy?
  3. Have you ever been in a friends with benefits situation?
  4. Have you ever had two boyfriends at a time?
  5. What is your favorite thing about the opposite sex?
  6. Do you find older men attractive?
  7. Would you ever try to be a sugar baby?
  8. What matters most to you, money or love?
  9. Sex for breakfast or sex for dinner?
  10. Do you sleep naked?
  11. When last did you kiss?
  12. Have you ever made out with someone you wished you never made out with?
  13. Would you make out with me right now?
  14. What’s your bra size?
  15. Would you pay for sex or rather, get paid for sex?
  16. Which celebrity would you sleep with in a blink of an eye?
  17. Have you ever kissed a girl before?
  18. Would you be open to a threesome?
  19. Do you like watching porn?
  20. Does size matter to you?
  21. Would you rather be with a guy who loves you but has a small penis or be the sidechick of a guy who has a big penis?
  22. Have you ever had an orgasm during sex before?
  23. Have you been caught having sex?
  24. Where do you like being touched the most?
  25. If I asked nicely, would you show me your boobs?
  26. Would you use sex toys?
  27. How often do you masturbate?
  28. If a hot stranger standing on a queue behind you in public gets a hardon and you feel it on your bum, will you get mad or lean back for more?
  29. Would you kiss your crush in public?
  30. Have you ever watched another couple have sex?
  31. Would you like to have somebody watch you while having sex?
  32. What part of a man’s body would you like to see first?
  33. Do you want me to kiss you?
  34. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, what number would you rate your blowjob skill?
  35. G-strings, thongs, granny panties or commando?
  36. Are you jealous of curvier girls?
  37. Doggy style or cowgirl?
  38. Will you cheat on your boyfriend with an ex whom you still have strong sexual chemistry with?
  39. Where was the craziest place you ever had sex?
  40. Spit or swallow?
  41. What you absolutely won’t do in bed?
  42. Do you like watching pornographic films?
  43. Would you like to see a porn film with me? Will it excite you?
  44. What is your favourite thing to do in bed.
  45. A sexual fantasy that has not been completed yet?
  46. Where do you like being kissed the most?
  47. Do you like giving or receiving oral sex?
  48. What excites you the most in bed?
  49. Would you like to have sex with multiple men at the same time if given a chance?
  50. Would you participate in an orgy, given a chance?
  51. Have you ever had voyeuristic fantasies?
  52. At what age did you lose your virginity?
  53. What sexual position do you hate the most and why?
  54. Have you ever sexually cheated on someone in your life? With whom?
  55. Have you ever slept with the boyfriend of a good friend?
  56. Have you ever had anal sex?
  57. Do you like having sex drunk or drugged?
  58. What do you like to do after a healthy bout of sex in bed?
  59. What according to you is the best aphrodisiac in bed?
  60. Have you ever made love under the open sky?

45 Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy to Get Him Hot & Horny

dirty questions to ask guy

  1. Would you like to have a naughty chat?
  2. Sexy Woman, according to you is?
  3. When I walk away, do you keep your eye on me?
  4. Are you a good and a sensual kisser?
  5. Did someone ever see you naked?
  6. What type of clothes are you wearing?
  7. Ever tried to get skinny dipped?
  8. Which outfit on your girl will make you turn on?
  9. Last time when you dreamt about any girl?
  10. What you think, which outfit will suit me best?
  11. The naughtiest thing you have ever done?
  12. If I would ask you to pick a dress for me, would you help me?
  13. Which part of a girl’s body do you like the most?
  14. In which part of the girl’s body, you think a tattoo will look the best?
  15. On which part you would love to get a touch from your girl?
  16. Most sensitive and sexiest part of your body?
  17. What you wear while you sleep?
  18. Just guess what I am wearing right now?
  19. Ever caught while masturbating or having sex with the same gender?
  20. Ever used a sex toy or last time you masturbated?
  21. Phone sex or video sex or you want to come here?
  22. Would you like to have a good massage from a girl?
  23. What do you think of a good foreplay?
  24. Ever fantasized about sex? Your favorite sexual or hardcore fantasy?
  25. If we both get drunk, what would you think we would do together alone?
  26. Ever clicked your nude picture and texted?
  27. While texting or having a conversation with a girl, ever felt horny?
  28. Ever had sex with someone and muttered someone else’s name?
  29. Your favorite sex position and what type of sex you would love to have?
  30. Do you prefer a dominant bed partner?
  31. Butt or boobs? Which is more important?
  32. Anal or oral sex?
  33. What do you think about sex in public?
  34. What you would do, if I would be with you right now?
  35. How much time would you take to get yourself here?
  36. How do you like a good massage from a girl?
  37. What’s the sexiest outfit a girl should wear to turn you on?
  38. Have you ever had sex in public?
  39. Do you think you’re a good kisser?
  40. What kind of foreplay do you love?
  41. Have you ever used a sex toy in bed?
  42. Do you like using props in the bedroom?
  43. Have you ever had anal sex? How did it go?
  44. What’s your favorite position?
  45. Do you check me out when I walk away?

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