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8 DON’Ts Of a Relationship

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Seeing more of the relationships go sink these days isn’t quite normal. You might be safe till now and not hit by some incident but it isn’t fact that you never will get hit. I’m not wishing you a bad-hit here, I am just making you aware of this situation because when it hits you, you feel like you want to die and live no more.

As a relationship counselor, I have more experience regarding the issues that take place in a relationship and lead a relationship to nowhere but a never-coming-back hole. You have to be very sure when it comes to your partner and a relationship, because if anything goes wrong here, you will lose the most worthiest aspect of life.

don'ts of a relationship

Things to Avoid in a Relationship

There are so many things to look after when there’s a link of relationship and your loved one, but looking after some of these best things is a must-do thing. We can’t name each and everyone in here, but you yourself know better than your relationship and your partner than the way we do.

Following are the things to never think of when you are in a relationship and want no destruction:

Keep things personal

You have to be mature enough to let your things be personal in between two of you. No other person has the rights to put his/ her nose into your business, and you have to net let anybody in. If you ever do, you might lose your partner and a relationship in an instant.

Don’t wait for perfect moments

One of the worst things we do is that we ruin our present waiting for our future and trying to improve it. If you are forever-looking for your future to be perfect for you two, you never will have such thing in life. Get rid of that idea, focus on the present, and make it beautiful.

Don’t expect your relationship to be easy

Love is easy, keeping to a single person with all of the difficulties and hardships in mind and in life is hardest. You should never believe that idea that everything will work out for you two in a relationship with total ease. If you are willing for a long-term relationship, you have to be ready for sacrifices and hardships as well.

Act the real way of yours

There come times when you are forever-stuck in your mind solving puzzles and answering strange questions related to your relationship and the stuff that just went wrong with you. Then, you look out for a person to help you overcome this situation and you ask for their opinions. The thing here is to know that no other guy’s opinion and advice can often help you; the way your relationship is and the way their relationships exist are completely different. Asking for opinions and advises isn’t wrong but working on them their way is. After gathering all the opinions and advises, you have to act according to your relationship type and your personality for better outcomes.

Talk gently

Most of the times we get surrounded by the workloads which leave us tired. Upon asking of our partners, we scream instead of talking. And this screaming instead of talking leads us to the failure.

Don’t fake love

You might be faking love for your partner just so that she/ he finds you attractive and loving but this is certainly wrong. You have to act and be the real you, instead of being somebody you are not.

Think before you react

It is undoubtedly one of the most relationship mistakes that most men make. Think with your mind and heart open and the respond to what the person says and wants to know you before ruining a relationship and your image in somebody’s sight.

Don’t take your partner for granted

If you ever let your partner feel granted, you let your partner slip off of your hands on your own and then there are no ways you can save your relationship thereafter. Let her know all of the small and big things that make you feel happy and turned on. If you don’t, you might see your partner doing all of these small and big things for somebody else later that day.

Updated: December 15, 2016 — 11:15 am
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