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Ending a Relationship – 10 Signs You Should End It Now

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Relationships take loads of hardships and efforts to be put in – and after all the sacrifices that you have made, to get attached to each other and live a happy life, why would you be working for ending a relationship? It isn’t something you should do overnight and right away. You need to figure out the things that aren’t working for you and your partner and why you should be ending it.

Ending a relationship – Why should you end a relationship?

The ending of a relationship isn’t something that you are used to, or something that you like and is addicted to. There are things that make you sad, depressed, and overthink about your partner and your relationship. And if these things take place in your relationship, there’s no way for you to keep up with a relationship but put an end to it.

ending a relationship

Ending a relationship – Signs you should put an end to your relationship:

Following are the signs/ things that assist in knowing when ending a relationship is a must-do thing:


After reaching a certain point where you and your partner don’t trust each other, it is a sign that you are in a wrong relationship. Mutual distrust on each side is a bad sign – and you should be working to build a trust, anyhow possible.


Everybody has their own values (whether is it a freedom OR security issues), and after realizing that your values aren’t appreciated and looked after, you might have to quit – before it is late.


When you feel like you are depressed when you are around your partner – or your partner is depressed when he/ she is around you, it is one of the signs that ending a relationship is the right thing to do.


How are plans working with you two? Do you plan often about your meetups and the fun activities that help a relationship to last longer? If no, you are wasting your time.


Helping your partner and getting helped back is the powerful thing and a sign of a healthy relationship. If you lack helping your partner and he/ she lack helping too, you’re in a wrong relationship – and it is one of the relationship mistakes as well.


If the fun part is lost somewhere off your relationship, there’s a chance of failing a relationship.


When getting over somebody, you don’t appreciate them anymore (in your present and your future both), and if this happens, you have to move on.


Fantasizing about your partner should be the only thing you must look upon and look after – and so should your partner do. If you are fantasizing about somebody else, there’s a chance that you aren’t happy with your partner anymore, and ending a relationship is the fine thing to be done now.


If you feel like you’re cherishing and accepting your partner’s physical existence with you (sex and intimacy) more and mental existence (thoughts/ ideas/ dreams) less, there’s a fine clearer way of telling you a truth that you are not with your partner to spend your life but to enjoy the sexual pleasure.


If you aren’t planning to marry your partner, you are in a wrong relationship.

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