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30+ Best Father Of The Bride Speech/Toast Examples

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If you are the Father of the Bride, then you will already have many responsibilities for your daughter’s upcoming wedding. These responsibilities might include walking her down the aisle and dancing with her at the wedding reception. You might even be helping to pay for the wedding.

At the same time, you might want to do even more. If you feel inclined to give a speech, then it is something that everyone will appreciate, especially the bride. When you give a speech that is straight from the heart, you cannot go wrong.

Below are some Father of the Bride speech examples to help you get started. These speeches can inspire you to put together your own personal speech that everyone at the wedding will love.


1. I remember the day that [bride] was born like it was yesterday. The second I laid eyes on her and held her in my arms, I was in love. There is nothing like the love that a parent can have for their child. You feel like you love them more than anything in this world and you would do anything to protect them. As their guardian, you do your very best to nourish them and give them a happy home for them to grow in.

[Bride’s] mother and I always hoped that we could teach our daughter to love others. To be kind and compassionate and thoughtful. We are beyond proud of the woman she is today. While she was an amazing little girl, as a woman, she is a force of nature. And we are so happy that she was able to find love.

2. When I met [bride’s] mother, I knew in the back of my head that this would be the girl that I was going to marry. It didn’t happen right away, but eventually it did happen. A seed was planted that sprouted, grew, and blossomed into the type of love you only read about in books. Through all of these years, my wife and I have always loved each other very much.

So it makes us happy beyond words that our daughter was able to find a love like ours. One that makes you a better person, that makes you happy and fulfilled. [Groom] is a truly amazing person and we could not have picked a better husband for our wonderful daughter.

3. Hello everyone, I am [bride’s] father. There is a saying that when parents find true love, their parents find true joy. If you are a parent, then you know that when your child is sad, you feel sad too. And when they are happy, you cannot help but feel happy too. So you can just imagine how I felt when I discovered how happy and in love [bride] was.

I want the two of you to know how happy I am for you. [Bride,] I can rest easy knowing that you have found the right one, and [groom,] thank you for making my daughter so happy.

4. When my wife and I found out that we were going to have a little girl, we were excited beyond belief. We loved her before she was even brought into the world. The sound of her name and the thought of soon being able to hold her was already enough to put smiles on our faces.

Ever since she was born, [bride] was a happy baby, and a happy child. From cooing as an infant to always giggling as a little girl, it was always easy to make her smile and laugh. Her smile could put a huge grin on anyone’s face. And yet, I have never seen her happier than when she is by [groom’s] side.

5. As most of you will know, I have a little experience when it comes to knowing about marriage. There is a saying that love does not consist of gazing at each other. Rather, it consists of looking outward in the same direction. Part of making a marriage work is making sure that you have the same goals. If you do not work together, then how will your marriage be successful?

That is how you have a good marriage. Never forget to be on the same page. Always communicate with each other, even when it’s not always easy to do so. You will be much happier for it. Congratulations to the two of you on your new marriage and I wish you the best of luck.

6. For as long as we both can remember, [bride’s] mom and I always knew that she was destined for great things. She is a smart girl, talented, focused, and hardworking. But happiness? That is not something that can be easily guaranteed.

[Bride] was always accomplishing amazing things, even as a young girl. But that was not everything to her mother and myself. We also wanted her to be happy. That was the most important thing to us, that our daughter would find happiness in life. Because success without happiness does not mean very much.

When [bride] met [groom,] happiness started to seep into her life. It was like she was seeing everything in brighter colors. She smiled more and we knew how much this guy meant to her. To find happiness can be very difficult and my wife and I are both very grateful and happy that these two were able to find each other.

7. As a happily married man and as [bride’s] father, I would like to offer up some advice to [groom.] We are often used to seeing romantic gestures like cards, chocolates, and bouquets of flowers. But marriage is not always about such big romantic overtures.

Marriage is all about sharing, and sometimes that even means sharing the housework. Sometimes, taking it upon yourself to do the dishes can mean a whole lot more than buying flowers. Sure, romantic gestures are nice, but things like doing a load of laundry or vacuuming the house can be even more romantic in the right circumstances.

8. [Bride,] how the years have flown by. But I guess it is true what they say. Time flies when you are having a great time. Being your father has been and continues to be a joy. One day you are setting up your baby’s nursery, painting it and assembling the crib. Another day you are finally holding your baby in your arms for the first time. Then, the next thing you know, you are seeing her take her first steps.

Many more milestones and many more memories pass by. The first day at school, graduation, the day that little girl moves out of her parents’ house, her going away to college, her first job, and so on. And then, of course, her wedding day. I am so lucky to be able to share all of these memories with you, my sweet, darling daughter. I love you with all of my heart forever and always and I wish you and [groom] all the best memories in your new life together.

9. Many people will refer to a wedding day as the happiest day of their life. I have to say from my own experience that I do not find that expression to be true. My wedding day was a happy day for sure, but was it the happiest day of my life so far? Not by a long shot.

Yes, I was marrying the woman I loved and all of our beloved friends and family were there to celebrate our love with us. But the two of you might find that the happiest days of your life are the simple ones, the quiet days that the two of you sure together. And if you one day grow your family, you might share some of your happiest days with your children.

To me, some of the happiest days of my life include sitting in the house with the woman that I love. Sometimes we are talking, other times, no words need to be said. But you will have days and moments where you will ask yourself, how did I get to be so lucky with this person?

For me, those are the happiest days of my life. I hope for the two of you, that your happiest days together are yet to come.

10. [Bride] and [groom,] as I look at the two of you in your beautiful dress and your nice suit, I am reminded a bit of my own wedding day where there was plenty of excitement, love, and of course some nervousness as well.

Take it from someone who has been married for many years. Being in a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, and always with the same person.

11. Today is only the beginning for [bride] and [groom.] With each passing day and every year that goes by, you will create many more memories together. To my lovely daughter and my wonderful son-in-law. May you prosper together, grow old together, and make each other happy.

12. When you are a parent, you always want the best for your child. My daughter was no different. So it should come as no surprise now that I am thrilled that she has met the person of her dreams. Someone who is her equal, her better half, and a wonderful person. [Groom,] I welcome you into my family and I know the two of you will keep each other very happy.

13. Our family is very close-knit and sure, our family tree has some nuts on it, I won’t say who. But I have to say that [groom] fit right in with us from the moment we met him. And I am glad to say that we did not scare him away. He is still here and now he is family.

14. I have always wanted the best for [bride.] From the best teachers and schools, to friends that were a good influence on her, you can be sure that I always wanted my daughter to have the best things in life. But she found [groom] all on her own. You can call it fate or pure luck, but whatever the cause, I am glad that they have found each other.

15. I have seen many years in my life. And I have a small handful of favorite days that I remember and cherish fondly. One of the best days of my life was the day that [bride] was born. Or at least I thought that it was the best day of my life at the time.

Over the years, there were many other days with my daughter that were memorable and wonderful in their own unique way. She has brought me many smiles and laughs over the years. And today, is another one for the books.

Today has been an absolutely wonderful and beautiful day that I will always remember fondly, and I know that [bride] and [groom] will remember their wedding day fondly as well. From the stunning ceremony to this delightful reception, surrounded by all of the people that mean the most to my daughter and new son-in-law, I cannot believe how much my beautiful daughter has grown.

She has matured into someone that I am very proud of. [Bride] and [groom,] I wish you all the best and I hope that you will make your own happy memories so that you will have beautiful days to look back on when you are both old together.

16. While this special day has surely meant the world to [bride] and [groom,] it has a lot of significance for me too. It is a day that I have always looked forward to with anticipation and excitement.

Today, the world has changed a bit, and while we still decide to keep some of the old traditions, they do not carry the same meaning that they used to. Take for instance walking my daughter down the aisle. It is something that I was honored to do.

At the same time, I did not see it as giving my daughter away to the man that she would marry. But I did see it as a special moment between the two of us.

You see, kids grow faster than you realize. From the moment they are born to the minute they start walking, things do not slow down from there. They grow up right before your very eyes. For a short while, my daughter relied on me to carry her and hold her hand.

And then one day, you find that they do not need you as much as they used to. Sure, sometimes you feel a little sad about it but at the end of the day it is a wonderful thing to have an independent daughter or son that does not need your help every step of the way anymore. Because then you know that you raised them right.

I know that I prepared my daughter for adulthood. And yet, I am still her father, no matter how old she gets I will always be there for her when she needs me. So walking her down the aisle was a chance for us to reconnect once more, a girl and her father as she is about to marry the man she loves.

[Bride] and [groom,] I know that I do not need to tell you two to take care of each other. I know you both will to the best of your abilities. I can only wish you many happy years together.

17. We live in a world where people can be very self-centered. Everything now is so fast paced and technology is advancing more and more each day. It is a trap that is hard to avoid. Sometimes people miss out on real opportunities and connections as a result of this.

If any you know [bride] and [groom,] which you all do otherwise you would not be here right now, then you know how wonderful these two people are. Both of them are selfless and caring. They never ask, “what can this person do for me?” Instead they are always asking what they can do for other people, including each other.

I can see the devotion that [bride] and [groom] have for each other. It warms my heart and restores my faith in people, that too people can be so deeply in love in a world where so much can often go wrong. When these two are a team, they can do anything that they set their minds to.

18. Beautiful, loving, smart, generous, strong, and kind. Treasured and loved by anyone who is lucky enough to really know her. These are just a few words that I would use to describe my daughter. I used to wonder how someone could ever compete with such a lovely person. Would she ever meet her match? Who would be deserving of the wonderful person that she is?

I am glad to say that she did finally meet someone who perfectly complements her. [Groom] is someone I would have been happy to call my son and now I can call him my son-in-law. Congratulations to you both and thank you, [groom,] for making my daughter so happy.

19. When you are a parent, the greatest thing that you will ever have in your life is your children. I always wanted my daughter to be the happiest that she could be. I thought that I knew the happiest version of her, but I never saw her at her happiest until she met [groom.]

20. In your marriage, remember to encourage rather than criticize and to forgive instead of keeping score of all the hurts.

21. There are two lasting gifts that we can give to our children. The first one is roots and the second one is wings. We always wanted to give [bride] a strong foundation and a support system that would always be there for her never what. But we also wanted her to have wings so that she could one day go and build a life of her own.

22. Marriage cannot be summed up in just one picture or one sentence. It is a lot more complex than that. Think of your marriage together as hundreds and hundreds of threads that you will sew together over the years.

23. To see your children happy is the best blessing that a parent can every receive. So thank you, [groom,] for making my daughter so happy.

24. If God has made anything better than a woman, than he must have kept it for himself.


25. I would like to take this time to thank my daughter, [bride] for the 23 years of pure joy that she gave to me and her mother. I don’t count the first 2 years because there’s nothing fun about changing a dirty diaper every other hour.

26. A happy marriage consists of finding the right balance between giving and taking. The husband give while the wife takes.

27. I would like two take the opportunity to thank 2 people for getting [groom] here today. And no, I do not mean the limo driver and the Best Man. Thank you two the parents of [groom,] who made such a wonderful young man.

28. I can say without a doubt that [groom] will be a wonderful, doting husband. But I have yet to determine what kind of son-in-law he will turn out to be. Will he come around to mow the lawn and help wash the car, or will I have to do it myself?

29. They say that marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning. All of these things have something else in common. They are all powerful. Two people in a strong marriage are a force to be reckoned with. [Groom] and [bride,] take it from someone who knows, you are better and stronger together.

30. There are two times in a man’s life when he cannot understand a woman: before marriage, and after marriage. But if you want to make a marriage work, then you must communicate. Try to understand. That is how you will stay happy together. Congratulations to you both.

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