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25 Best Father Of The Groom Speech/Toast Examples

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If your son is getting married, then it is a very exciting time for everyone involved. As the father of the groom, you might not have plenty of obvious responsibilities when it comes to the wedding. At the same time, your son might look to you for guidance and advice when it comes to wedding planning as well as married life.

Being the father of the groom, chances are that you have experience when it comes to weddings and marriage. Because of this, your son might be able to use your knowledge and wisdom when it comes to these subjects.

In some cases, advice is not always necessary or needed. But your son will still lead for you for support. One way to offer up your support is to give a speech at the wedding.

When trying to think of great topics for your speech, there are a few areas that you can consider. You can talk about your own marriage and wedding day.

In writing your speech, there are some questions that can help provide you with more content. Did you ever imagine your son getting married? What was your first impression of the bride? What are your hopes and wishes for the newly married couple? What was your own wedding like and how would you describe married life?

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for your son and your daughter-in-law? What makes your daughter-in-law so special? What is so great about your son? Try to think of the most memorable qualities that he possesses. What are a few words that you would use to describe him and his character? When did you know that the bride was the one? Do you have a favorite moment of bride and groom? If you are very close to the [bride,] then you can emphasize that as well.

These are just a few questions that when answered, can give you the perfect speech for your son’s wedding. As the father of the groom, you will want to make sure that the speech is far from generic. While you can use the father of the groom speech examples below to help you write an amazing and unforgettable speech, you will also want to put in personal details that will make your speech unique and special for this special occasion.

In a father of the groom wedding speech, guests will usually expect words about the bride and groom as well as some sentimental stories and declarations of your pride and love for them. Your speech can let the bride and groom know how happy you are for them and how lucky they are to have found each other. Allow the speech examples below to guide you as you work on the perfect speech for your son’s wedding.


1. [Groom] and [bride], while you have loved and cared for one another for a long time, today makes it official: you are now a married couple! I give you all of my congratulations and I hope that you feel the outpouring of love and support for the both of you that is in this room today.

The two of you are surrounded by people who are all so happy and thankful to be able to be a part of your special day. I think I speak for everyone here when I say thank you, and I hope that we have all helped in one way or another to make your wedding a day to remember.

2. What is there to really say about love, other than it being the most beautiful, most important, and most valuable thing in this world? Because of love, I am lucky to have my wife in my life as well as my son. I love my family more than life itself. And because of love, you two are here after having declared your love in front of all of us. You exchanged vows and promised to be there for each other for the rest of your days.

Is there anything greater in the world than a love that is that strong? When you are lucky enough to be able to give and receive that kind of love, never take it for granted and never forget how blessed you are to have that in your life. With love, so much more is possible.

3. [Bride] and [groom,] separately you are two wonderful people but together, you are even better. You finish each other’s sentences and can communicate without even saying a word. You know how to make each other laugh and smile and you know how to comfort each other as well.

You are two peas in a pod, there is no question at all that you were always meant to be together. I have so much love and respect for the two of you, for the lengths that you would go to for each other to make each other happy. Never lose what you two have, because it is a priceless thing that you are lucky to be able to enjoy. Let us all raise a glass to the wonderful couple, my son [groom] and his wife, [bride.]

4. It is official, [bride] and [groom] are now newlyweds. What does this mean, exactly? Well for starters, you are family now. You have your parents, siblings, and friends, but at the end of the day, you must come first now. From this point forward, you will be inseparable. You are not just living side by side, now you will be living as one team, a unit that will make important decisions and meaningful memories together.

Remember to be kind to each other. Be patient and understanding. Don’t forget to communicate, to laugh, and to love each other. Do these things and you will have a great recipe for a happy, long, and successful marriage. Let us all take a moment and have a toast to the new husband and wife.

5. As [groom’s] father, I have always made it a point to let him know how loved and appreciated he is. He knows how much he means to me and how important he is in my life. So I thought that I would take this opportunity to sing my praises instead for [bride,] [groom’s] wife and my newly-coined daughter-in-law.

[Bride,] you look absolutely beautiful today. It is like watching your own daughter get married and as of today, you are officially my daughter because you married my wonderful son. It is like watching your own daughter get married and as of today, you are officially my daughter because you married my wonderful son. It is like watching your own daughter get married and as of today, you are officially my daughter because you married my wonderful son.

6. As someone who has been in love before and stayed in love up until this very day, I know what it is like to get caught up in romance. From the day the two of you decided to take a chance on each other to the moment you popped the question and she said yes, you have probably been taken through a whirlwind of events throughout your romantic journey together.

After the engagement, naturally, comes the wedding planning. It can be an exciting time and a stressful one as well. There are so many things to think about and now the has finally arrived. You can both rest easily knowing that your wedding day was a success, full of happiness and love and the people that are near and dear to both of your hearts.

Next of course, comes your honeymoon, a fun and relaxing time for any married couple. A chance to enjoy the first days of being husband and wife, a real opportunity to get away from the noise, chaos, and responsibility of life.

Savor that time together and enjoy those peaceful days of your honeymoon. When you come home, reality will begin to sink in. You will really get to work on building your home and new life together. From now on, all of the decisions that you make will be together as husband and wife. This does not mean that the fun times are over. In fact, this is only just the beginning.

7. [Groom,] as your father I am very proud to know you. I have had the rare pleasure of watching you grow from a little baby into a wonderful young man. You cannot possibly know how pride I am of you and how much I love you. Congratulations to you and your lovely wife on your wedding day.

8. Here are some hopes and dreams from a devoted father to his loving son on his wedding day. I hope that the two of you live a life together that is long. I hope that this shared of life of yours is full of joy, laughter, abundance, love, and many other good things. May you always have each other to lean on.

9. As [groom’s] father, I would like to take this opportunity to thank [bride’s] parents for raising such a wonderful young woman who love my son so dearly. Nobody in this world can love him quite like you do. You seem to have brought out the best in [groom,] you make him so happy, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Congratulations to you both on your wedding day.

10. Having a son has been my greatest blessing in life. In many ways, [groom] is like my mini-me and my twin. But over the years, he has grown and he has become his own person. While I have tried to teach him many things over the things, he has taught me caught a few important things as well. [Groom] is someone who really cares about people and he will always go the extra mile for the people in his life.

I know that my son will make an amazing husband and God-willing, a spectacular father one day. Let us all raise a glass to [groom] and his lovely bride, [bride.]

11. There is something special about the role of being a father that can change you for the rest of your life. You realize that when you have a child come into your life, that your heart has room to grow as well. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I loved my wife. And then [groom] came along.

I always knew that I would love any child of mine with all my heart. But you never really truly know that feeling until the day you become a parent. That is when you fully realize all of the love that you have for your child.

As [groom’s] dad, I always tried to have his back on everything. I wanted him to know that I would always be there for him through the good times and the bad ones as well. [Groom’s] blessings and trials are ones that I also experience myself. What he goes through, I go through too. And I always have hoped for the best for him from day one. Even now that he is older, he is always still in my thoughts and prayers each and every day.

And I have to say that one of my biggest prayers for [groom] was answered. That he would find someone who would love and appreciate him. That this special person would be a great partner to him for the rest of his life. Thank you, [bride] for being a blessing in [groom’s] life. Because of this, you are a blessing in all of our lives as well.

12. A child is the biggest blessing that I could have ever had in my life. Even though I am grateful for all of my family and friends, my children are the ones who are closest to my heart. After all, they are a part of me. This is how I feel about my son [groom.]

Because of this, I have always wanted to see him happy. I always hoped that he would be successful in life, whether it was winning a sports game as a kid or getting his dream job. No matter what, I always had his back and did whatever I could to root for him.

When my son found [bride], I was so thrilled with him along with the rest of the family. We were so excited to get to meet the woman who makes [groom] so complete.

[Bride,] we have never seen [groom] as happy as he is than when he is by your side. There are no words for me to express how thankful I am to you. Now that I know you, I love you like my own daughter. Welcome to our family.

13. I have always been a firm believer that God always has a plan for all of us. It is what led me to finding my wife, which has led to us having our son [groom.] And I believe that God also led [bride] and [groom] to each other. Some call it fate, but I call it God’s plan.

When I think of [bride] and [groom], I am hard-pressed to think of two people who are better suited for each other. They both make each other wiser, more patient, and strong. Anyone who knows them knows that they care about each other deeply. There is true love there that can withstand the test of time.

[Bride,] [groom,] congratulations to you both. I wish the two of you all the happiness in the world. While I know that you two are already a blessing to each other, I know that you will continue to live a blessed life together as man and wife.

14. Marriage is a fun adventure that is full of surprises, twists, and turns. As someone who has been married for a long time, I am still on this exciting journey. And I have to say that it never gets old, being married to the person that you love.

[Groom,] my wish for you is that you and [bride] have the same good fortune and love that has gotten your mother and I through all of these years. May you always love each other and be full of patience and understanding. Be honest and loyal and good to each other. And I sure do hope that you make each other laugh until you cry. Never let each other go.

15. Life can be funny and love can be funny as well. When you meet the right person, some people know right away. They can just feel a certain energy, a kinship to the person who is destined for them.

Other people have no idea when the meet “the one.” Sometimes it takes some time and a few pushes before the sparks begin to fly. Slowly but surely, what is meant to be happens and two people form and indescribable and inseparable bond that can stand the test of time.

If you have ever experienced this phenomenon before, then you know exactly what I am talking about. And I know that [bride] and [groom] know exactly what I am talking about. When I look at them, I see a love that is pure and strong. I know that they will build a happy life together as a married couple.

16. [Bride] and [groom,] you know that I have been married for a long time. And while I can joke about the downsides of marriage and the little disagreements that inevitably happen, it is much more worthwhile to talk about the benefits of marriage. Because when you are with the right person, the positives will always overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives.

17. Without my life, I would be absolutely lost. She knows it, I know it, and I’m sure that many of you who are here in this room know it as well. She is my guide, my inner compass, and my voice of reason. She knows everything about me and she knows my inner thoughts. Everything my wife and I do, we do together as a unified team with the same goals, hopes, and dreams in mind.

My hope for my son and his new bride are that they find the same comfort in each other that my wife and I find in each other every day. If you ever feel lost, look to each other for support and guidance. When you are happy and have achieved a dream, celebrate with each other. This is only the beginning of a great journey for the two of you and I wish you the best of luck on this amazing adventure together.

18. True love is a treasure that you can never put a price on. Treasure what you have always, take care of it, and guard it well. Knowing the two of you, I am confident that you will both treasure each other always. I know that your marriage will be based on a foundation of respect. Treasure each other and you will never want for anything else. Let us all raise a glass to my son [groom] and his bride, [bride.]

19. As someone who raised my son to be a perfect gentleman, I have to tell you [bride,] that you have landed quite the catch! But you know who is even luckier? My son, for having found you. You are an exceptional person who means the world to [groom] and you hold a special place in my heart to because you are the woman who makes my son truly happy.

20. It can be very hard to find a love like the one that [groom] and [bride] share. It is a rare thing to have and if you are lucky enough to find it, you better not be foolish enough to let it go.

I am so happy and full of joy to see the love that [bride] and [groom] have for each other. And I am grateful that I was able to witness my son fall in love and get married to the woman of his dreams. I cannot to see what lies ahead in the rest of their future together.

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