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Fun Games to Play over Text – 10 Worth-Knowing Games

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Fun games to play over text isn’t something we all neglect and forget about, playing such games sometimes help us a lot in making a conversation with your loved ones last longer than it ever lasts, regardless of what the conversation topic is.

People often choose flirting over text-games, and it is fine to the limited extent if we see – the bad thing about using flirting as your time-killer and fun-blower is that you receive the witty responses of your loved ones which sometimes cause a person to feel unwanted and guilty of doing such thing. But, fun games that you can play over text aren’t resulting the same; you can kill your time as well as have a quality conversation with your loved ones.

Fun Games to Play over Text – What Kinds are these Games?

They aren’t something suitable for dirty-minded-players (you don’t have to hesitate and feel guilty when playing such games), in fact, they are the games that we have all played at least once in a while. And before you ask me why fun games to play over text is not a time-waster, I’ll clear it to you that no relationship can ever work if there’s that happiness-part missing in the relationship (it is one of the relationship mistakes that we overlook happiness and fun in a relationship) – participating and playing such games with your loved ones help you fulfill the need of your happiness-part/ fun in a relationship.


Fun Games to Play over text – 10 Fun Games:

Below are the top and most-known fun games that one can play over texting via Whatsapp, Messenger, Text Messages, OR any other message-sender:

Would You Rather:

It is a game where you ask your loved ones about the cases and you see their interest in making the type of choices they are wishing to.

Following are some of the examples of ‘Would you rather’ questions:

  • Would you rather sing a song or listen to it?
  • Would you rather top the class or pass the exam only?

Build a Title:

It is a game where whether you start it by naming any movie or the person starts it (whom you are playing with). The game works in a way that, the person first names the movie i.e. Spider Man, then the remaining person takes turn and starts making another movie name with the last name OR the first name of that previous movie i.e. Spider Danger OR Man With The Movie Camera. Did you get my point right? Okay.

Name Game:

Name game is similar to the ‘Build a Title’ game but there’s one thing that differs; in ‘Build a game’ you had to complete a movie name with first or last word of the previous movie, but in ‘Name Game’, you have to complete the name (any category that you start your game with – movies, games, TV serials, artists, ANY) starting with the last alphabet of the previous name.

Let’s say you choose a name from the MOVIES’ section and that is ‘The Dark Night’, I have to complete making the other name starting with the last alphabet of that previous name which is ‘T’, i.e. ‘The Amazing Spiderman.’

Story Building:

It is one of the best fun games to play over text. It is played in a way that: you start the story with a single word i.e. ‘The’, the other person has now to add another word to the previous one to complete the sentence which makes sense – and let’s say he adds ‘Tarzan’, now you have to add another word and let the summing-of-words flow and make a story.

Truth or Dare:

Oh come on, who doesn’t know this game? We all do – and in case you don’t know how to play it, it is simple.

You ask your friends to choose between the truth or dare (he can ask you too – you can choose who asks first). Upon choosing the truth, you have to ask him/ her a question which he/ she has to answer without lying – upon choosing the dare, you have to give him a task (no matter what) and he/ she has to fulfill or complete that anyhow.

Emoji Translation:

The heading says it all. There are tons of Emojis that you can use to express yourself or your feelings/ emotions, and you can use them to play a game as well. Making a combination of more than 1 emoji and sending that combination to your loved ones to identify what that really means make a perfect time-killing and fun-exploding game.


In this game, a person quotes a line or a phrase from anything (movie, song, drama, comic, or anything else) and the other person has to mention where this quote is from and who quoted it. Simple as that.

Name your chat mate:

It is one of my favorite fun games to play over text. A person has to say a line regarding the other person (whom you are chatting with), and then that person has to judge and give you a name by judging your line that you sent. Now, the name that the other person gave you is the first word you should be using to your next question – and the other person has to judge you again and give you a name according to what you say.

For example:

He: You are so pretty.

She: Cute.

He: Cute, yeah, you are the cutest of all.

She: Flirter.

He: Flirter, you helped me be that.


A word is given to a person where he breaks that word into alphabets and starts playing with them to make other words. It helps you improve your mind ability, thinking power, and vocabulary as well.


It isn’t something complicated; all you have to do is to ask the questions that you have in your mind and let the questioning-flow going.

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