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115 Good Morning Quotes with Images

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As the first part of any day, morning is an important part to each and every day. It is the start to your day, which can impact how the rest of your day goes. If you know how to appreciate it, morning can be a beautiful and wonderful time of day. The sun is rising or has just risen, there is morning dew on the grass, the birds are chirping, and you have a brand new chance to begin your day with a fresh start. Some ways to start off a good morning by drinking a cup of hot coffee, eating a nice breakfast, reading the morning’s newspapers, and going for a morning stroll.

But for many of us, it can be difficult to get up in the morning. Sometimes we get nervous about the rest of the day going badly, especially if you have something that you are not looking forward to like a big exam or an important meeting or presentation at work. For many of us, the day to day can sometimes be difficult to manage. Sometimes, an entire morning will feel like it is 20 hours long.

If you are not much of a morning person, then you know how nice it is when your day does start off smoothly and pleasantly. From having a nice cup of coffee to being greeted by a loved one, there are many things that can make a person’s morning very pleasant.

Try to think of all the ways that a person’s morning can go wrong. You might not wake up on time or maybe you did not sleep well the previous night. Maybe you did not have time to get your morning coffee or even eat breakfast. There could be too much traffic on the way to work. When you feel like your morning is ruined, then it can put you in a bad mood and set the tone for the rest of the day.

The mornings can also get very hectic and busy for many people. From having to work to going to school, in the morning you are often thinking of everything that needs to be done for the day. Life has many responsibilities that we get worried and worked up about. In the morning, we might not know how to tackle these responsibilities without getting frustrated or anxious. That is what is so great about inspiring good morning quotes.

This is why so many people love to say “good morning” to one another. We all know how rough mornings can be sometimes. A text message, e-mail, or even a morning greeting in person can help lift someone’s spirits in the morning. A nice, thoughtful good morning quote can be a great motivator for someone’s day and it can make someone feel special.

If you have a significant other in your life, then they will appreciate it if you send them thoughtful, romantic good morning quotes. As you send them a quote, think of what they might be doing as they read your message. Your significant other might be just getting out of bed. They could be sitting on the bus on their way to work or they might already be at their desk feeling anxious about the rest of the day. No matter where your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife is, your romantic good morning quote will be sure to put a sweet smile on their face.

Below are many good morning quotes that you can use for all of the people who are in your life. From your significant other or one of our parents to your friend or co-worker, anyone will appreciate a nice heartfelt good morning quote from someone in their life.

If you want to reach even more people once, you can use some of these good morning quotes on social media. From Facebook to Twitter, a nice quote in the morning will reach plenty of people and it might even give them a boost for the rest of the day.

For all you know, some of these good morning quotes will make some people realize the beauty in a new day. Give someone hope for the day, put a smile on their face, or inspire them to fearlessly embrace the day head-on. We can always use a boost, why not give that boost to those you know? So take one of these quotes and find a way to inspire or brighten up someone else’s day.


1. Today is a new beginning. Take advantage of this fresh start.

2. The morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. Good morning and have a great day!

3. Every new day can be considered a blessing.

4. Embrace the morning. Seize this new day.

5. On this morning I hope that you have the courage to chase our dreams. Good morning.

6. What a gift it is to wake up this morning and be alive.

7. Good morning! Hope you have a blessed day today.

8. Whether it is cloudy, rainy, or sunny, the morning is still a blessing. Good morning to you!

9. No one in the world is rich enough to buy the past so enjoy today and take advantage of the fresh start. Good morning!

10. Good morning! The most powerful thoughts can influence the success of your day.

11. Good morning. To have a successful day, you must first have good thoughts that are followed by good deeds.

12. Good morning! Stop thinking and start living each day to its fullest potential.

13. Good morning! As long as your heart is till beating, you still have a purpose in this life. It is up to you to fulfill it.

14. Knowing that you inspire others can sometimes be your greatest inspiration. Good morning! Aim for an inspiring day today.

15. Smile because today is a new day.

16. When you get up every morning, think about how lucky you are to be alive.

17. Waking up with the sun as it rises is a beautiful way to start your day.

18. Good morning. Each brand new day is a new chance to change your life.

19. Taking your first breath in the morning is like being born again. Enjoy this new day in your life.

20. The day starts whether you choose to set an alarm or not. You might as well embrace and enjoy each morning as it comes.

21. The sun is shining and it is a brand new day. I hope your day is more than okay.

22. Get up each morning searching for the next big adventure in your life.

23. Don’t forget to smile at yourself in the mirror after you get up this morning.

24. Wake up every morning with the intent to surprise yourself for the day.

25. Every morning I wake up saying I’m still alive, a miracle. -Jim Carrey

26. Even when things are not always going the way you want, at least you can be happy that you have woken up this morning. At least you can try again.

27. An early morning can have so much potential to it.

28. A great big smile in the morning can go a long way for the rest of the day.

29. Begin each day with a grateful heart and your life will be filled with so much light.

30. You would be surprised at how much a simple “good morning” can instantly brighten up someone’s day.

31. When it is morning, everything is new again and life is beautiful.

32. Welcome this morning with open arms, because you never know for sure if you will see another one.

33. Thank God this morning for the new day that you get to experience.

34. Get up each morning with a determination that will leave you going to bed feeling satisfied.

35. Be grateful that you get to experience another day.

36. Everything morning is a clean slate, a fresh start, a chance to have a great day.

37. As you wake up this morning, know that you are stronger and wiser than you were yesterday.

38. As you get up in the morning, try to find something good in each and every day.

39. The world is new to us every morning, this is God’s gift. -Baal Shem Tov

40. Every morning is a beautiful morning. -Terri Guillemets

41. Start the day off on the right smile with a smile and a great attitude.

42. After a hard day, there is some comfort in going to bed and knowing that everything looks better in the morning.

43. Every day we are born again. It is what we do today is what matters the most.

44. Every day is a good day to be alive, regardless of whether or not the sun is shining down on you.

45. Good morning! I hope I can give you at least one reason to smile today.

46. Begin each new day with a grateful heart and reap the rewards that this new day has to offer.

47. I hope your morning is as lovely as you are.

48. I hope you have a morning that is as bright and radiant as you are.

49. Always make the most of your mornings as what you do in the morning can affect the rest of your day.

50. Always try to wake up with happy, positive thoughts so you can not only have a great morning, but a great day as well.

51. Good morning. Don’t forget to look in the mirror before you start your day and remember how great you look.

52. Waking up every day is a wonderful gift from the universe that none of us should take lightly. Good morning and enjoy your day!

53. Good morning. Today will be amazing!

54. Good morning! I hope that your day beings with happiness and ends with a smile.

55. Good morning to you on this beautiful day.

56. Good morning, you wonderful person.

57. While you do not have to be great to start, you do have to start in order to be great. Good morning!

58. Good morning! I hope that your day is full of bright smiles and sunny thoughts.

59. Live as if today is your last day. Good morning!

60. Today is the perfect day to do what you want to do. Good morning.

61. There is no day but today, only today is guaranteed. Good morning.

62. Give in to love and have a good morning.

63. Good morning. Today does not have to be perfect. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Do not be afraid to live.

64. Make today the best day that you can. Good morning.

65. If it is a good morning it is because I have you in my life.

66. Just thinking of you, your voice, and your smile can instantly brighten up my morning. I hope your morning is a great one.

67. When I say good morning to you, I hope you know that you are the first thing I think of when I wake up.

68. When I am with you, every morning is a good one in my book.

69. My morning has only really started when I get to tell you how much I love you.

70. I hope that you have a morning that is as bright as your smile.

71. Every day, I want to live as if we are falling in love again for the first time. Good morning.

72. Let us live today with love and no regrets. Good morning.

73. Good morning my love, you are truly a beautiful angel that has been sent from above.

74. At the beginning of the day, “I love you, I love you, I love you” is all I can say.

75. You really do know the way to brighten up my day in the morning.

76. When I wake up in the morning, I still can’t believe that I get to wake up next to you and that you are mine.

77. The best kind of morning is the kind of morning that I get to spend with you.

78. When I wake up in the morning, you are already the first thought that is on my mind.

79. As I wake up in the morning, I am not thinking about the bright sun as it is rising or the little birds as they are happily singing. All I can think about is you and how much you mean to me.

80. You, my sweetheart, help me get my morning off on the right start.

81. Even though I had such sweet dreams about you, I am even happier to get to touch and see you this morning.

82. Having you in my life makes it worth it to get up in the morning.

83. Every time the sun rises, it means that I get to spend another day with the love of my life.

84. Waking up next to you is my most favorite part of each morning.

85. Good morning. I still can’t believe that I get to wake up next to the most wonderful person in the world.

86. I am so lucky that I get to wish the best person in the world a good morning.

87. Good morning to the sunshine to my sky and the bird to my song.

88. When I wake up in the morning with you by my side, I wish that we could just lay like this together for the rest of the day, forever.

89. In the morning before you have really started your day, that is when you look the most radiant.

90. Morning is a wonderful time of day because I get to say hello to you.

91. Good morning to the person who makes my heart beat.

92. Good morning to the other half of my soul.

93. As you begin your day this morning, do not forget how much I love you.

94. I have spent all night dreaming about you and now I want to spend the whole day kissing you.

95. Even just one thought of you in the morning can put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

96. The sound of your voice in the morning is what makes me eager to start my day.

97. My day has not yet started until I hear your voice, see your face, and feel your kiss.

98. The only thing that can fix waking up on a cold morning is getting to cuddle with you.

99. Because of my love for you, my heart is soaring. I just want to wish you a good morning.

100. As you watch the rising sun, know that you are my only one.

101. The sun has risen and I want to say that I will always love you each and every day.

102. The sound of your voice is all the motivation I need to get my day started.

103. Good morning to the person who has made my dreams into a reality that I never could have dreamed of.

104. For me, the sun truly rises when I see you. Good morning.

105. Waking up in the morning is still like a dream to me because you are the woman of my dreams. Good morning!

106. Every morning my love for you continues to grow bigger and bigger.

107. Good morning to the most beautiful person in the world.

108. I am texting you first thing in the morning because I am hoping that I can put a smile on your face the second you get up.

109. Wake up, my love, and embrace this new day.

110. When I see your beautiful face in the morning I forget about all the things that made me sad yesterday.

111. Your face is always the first thing I want to see each and every morning.

112. In the morning, before I am even fully awake, I am already thinking of you and how we can spend the day together.

113. As you get up in the morning, I hope you think of me.

114. You are more precious to me than anything on this Earth. Good morning.

These are just some quotes that you can send out to the loved ones in your life. If you are having a bad morning, you can make it better by sending out some positive morning quotes to the people that you know. If you spread the positivity and good energy, then it will come back to you and become a good part of your day. Do not forget that you get back what you put out into the world. If you give someone walking by a friendly good morning, you might get a smile and a friendly greeting back.

The same will follow for a nice good morning quote. Find out and see for yourself just how much positivity you can spread to those around you. You will be remembered as the thoughtful person who wants to make everyone’s days better by wishing them a good morning.

While it is very easy to simply wish someone a good morning, they will appreciate any upbeat messages from you as well. Words of encouragement and inspiration are always great to hear especially in the morning when people are just getting their day started.

Don’t forget to take the advice of the quotes above. Wake up with a smile, embrace the day, and do not be afraid to make mistakes or fail. If you had a bad day yesterday, do not worry about it because you can only do something about today. Remember that because tomorrow is never guaranteed to us, that you are best off making the most out of today.

Most importantly of all, remember to enjoy your mornings. Each morning is a new day to us all, but each morning also brings a new life and a chance of starting fresh. Make the most of your mornings, and then use that positive energy to have the best day that you can possibly have.

If your day does not go as expected or planned, do not worry. Enjoy the day for what it is and when you wake up in the morning tomorrow, you can start all over again and try again to reach your dreams and your goals. Embrace the day with a smile on your face and remember to have fun with this quotes!

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