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How Loving Can Hurt If You Love a Wrong Person

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Loving somebody is completely natural; it isn’t something complicated that you should worry about and think more often (only when you are loving the right person). But you need to very sure and aware that If you love a wrong person (a person that doesn’t know what love is and is nothing but a play-games type), loving can hurt you so much; the pain so greater that there are no remedies for it and it has no cures.

How Loving Can Hurt?

Loving is nothing but a feeling and emotions for a person, place, thing, or any other material. You might have heard that saying that says, “Loving is simple, people make loving complicated.” And that’s true, which is why is used/ mentioned that loving a wrong person can lead you nowhere but total destruction (loving can hurt you so much).

loving can hurt

How Loving Can Hurt – Ways:

To get most of the ways covered as how one can be hurt by loving a wrong person, we have made the list below that assists you further in knowing-how:

You expect more

When in love, you expect more from the other person (the person you love) and when they don’t fulfill your expectations, you break up into pieces.

You are more depressed

After you find out that the person you adore isn’t in favor of loving you back, you feel more depressed that hurts your mind and thinking power.

You start hating yourself

After rejection by the desired person, you feel like you are useless to others and you change the way you used to think about yourself earlier. You start hating the idea of your existence; you hate yourself.

You disconnect with other people

Most of the times, people after they are being rejected by their loved ones, they disconnect from other people too just because they have no idea of appreciating themselves while being single.

You self-harm

Rejections (most of the times) leads a person to self-harm; using of the sharp blades for flesh-cuts, bleeding, misshaping nails, taking drugs, using sleep pills for rest (but they weakens your mind), and other related tortures.

You suicide

After realizing that you have nothing left to do in this world after losing your love (which is completely wrong idea – stupid), people, most of the times, suicide.

Note: The extent of hurting yourself after you lose your love depends on the amount of love that you have for your partner.

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