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How to Deal With a Broken Heart

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After all the things you’ve done for the specific person who did nothing for you in return other than breaking you in pieces (or due to any of the relationship mistakes), you might have gotten the questions in your mind as what to do or how to deal with a broken heart. We all do, we all get questions and thoughts relating to what broke us and how to deal with a break up or broken heart; you’re not the only person facing this issue and aspect of life, there are billions of people passing through same stage.

Ending a relationship affects our lifestyle and ourselves at the peak, regardless of the type of relationship (good or bad) that we had; no matter how the relationship was, break up will leave you all broken and on ground. It affects our life in so many circumstances, from the way we used to act to the way we used to believe in things; so many things get changed just when you meet a break up. [Moving On Quotes After Break Up]

How to Deal With a Broken Heart?

First thing first, now that you’ve met a break up and you’re broken, what is it that you can do to overcome it? How to deal with a break up? Worry not if you have no clue. We’ll be discussing some of the DO’s and DON’T’s for you when you’re passing through a break up and you want to get over it, in the part below.


How to Deal With a Broken Heart – DO’s and DON’T’s:

For you to aid and know some of the best ways you can enjoy being single and alone yet take most out of your life after you meet a break up or when you are broke, we have made you a list of DO’s and DON’T’s so you can lead the right path and be more productive.

Following are the lists we made to aid you:

DO’s to deal with a break up or broken heart:

  1. Get rid of everything that made you feel broken in the first place. Be it your ex or anything that broke you up in pieces; put an end to the idea of their existence.
  2. Get close to the people who love you; there are always people who’ll be there for you, no matter what happens. We all have such kind of people in life, you just have to get close to them and find them in case you have no idea who they are.
  3. Take your broken pieces and turn them into experiences for your better future. If you mourn getting broke and don’t learn from it, you’re wasting the opportunity to learn and experience.
  4. Get out of your mind, ideas, thoughts, and bed, and start working; work for your better self and your dear future. You have people that matter to you the most, still.
  5. Find yourself a hobby or an interest that you like to do the most; this will help you be more positive and focused on your own personal life.
  6. Appreciate being single, it’s better in most cases.
  7. Learn to turn your ‘bad mood’ into a ‘fine mood’ by fighting it via music, writing, playing games, or anything that makes you feel better.
  8. Remember your self-worth and how you can make a difference; you’re not worthless.
  9. Be patient; whether it’s a relationship or a goal that you want to achieve, you have to be patient, for as long as possible. Remember, good things take time.

DON’T’s to deal with a break up or broken heart:

  1. Don’t double bad the conditions; don’t make your emotions and feelings after breaking up or getting broke kill you. It is impossible for you to don’t feel the emotions and feelings but it is possible for you to not allow them to destroy you.
  2. Don’t put yourself in the PAST, it has been over. We sometimes find ourselves to be replaying the part of our past we used to love the most but it has been over now, that’s what kills us more. Stay into PRESENT.
  3. Don’t have sex with your ex, again, ever.
  4. Don’t rush and be desperate to be in another relationship just to get over your previous one.
  5. Don’t make your life harsh; don’t get addicted to drugs, alcohol, or anything relatable just because you’re broke.
  6. Don’t talk crap about your ex, his/ her family, and the past experiences that you two have.

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