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How to Get a Girl to Like You – 7 Ways

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How to get a girl to like you the real way? Is it getting harder for you to find out and evaluate what things you need to do and keep in mind to get any girl to like you? Well, now that you have spotted the girl you want to spend your remaining life with, you might be wondering how to make a girl like you and make her belong to nobody else but you.

Getting a girl to like you and fall for you might get harder if you try some stupid way to impress her, which is why you should be aware of that.

No guy can ever jump into a situation to impress a girl without having any clue about the factors he has to look for and know about. If you aren’t focusing on the little signs and factors that you shouldn’t be missing, you have no rights to ask as how to get girls to like you. It is of no use then if you’re not aware of the all the necessities that one needs to get any girl like him.

How to Get a Girl to Like You the Real Way?

All you can do is to know about the essentials and initials. You can’t assure that she might start liking you in an instant. She might be going through something strange and bad that just hit her, like a breakup or any other incident. But we assure you that if the girl isn’t going through such circumstances, you can easily attract her with all the essentials and factors you need to have and know about without querying as how to get girls to like you.

If you are having fewer clues regarding attraction and as how to make a girl like you, worry not. We have gathered you all the data and information about all the essentials and initials that you need before you proceed to get any girl to like you.

How to get a girl to like you

How to Get Girls to Like You? – 7 Ways:

Without a doubt that there are countless ideas and ways you can impress girls. But some of these ideas and ways are mentioned below that will surely aid you to quit asking as how to get a girl to like you.

Being Real

Your first key to getting girls to like you is to be real instead of fake. You have to convey your image and reflect your character the real way. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. Nobody likes that. If you are serious about getting girls to like you, be real.

Look Neat

In the NEAT-PART here, you are supposed to think of anything that comes up in your mind when you say the word “NEAT” and then work for it. Everything that you find neat and would love other people to care about, use it for yourself.


Do you have any idea about the person you are? What kind of person are you? What is it that people like you for? And what is it that people hate you for? Keep the habits and all things that you have due to which people like you and neglect the remaining for which people hate you. Work for you well-being to be more attractive.

Helping Hand

You should be the one always helping her when nobody does. Girls like and notice the guy that cares and helps the most. Be that guy for her.


If you crave girl’s attention and want her to like you, be the first to talk. Once you start talking with her, you now have the opportunity to turn these talks into a productive outcome. Talk to her on a daily basis; this will let her know that you are interested in her and will aid you two to be comfortable, sharing secrets as well to strengthen the bond.


It is one of the main parts and factors to look upon. You have to be her funniest guy. You have to know how to crack jokes and be funny to make her feel comfortable, enjoyed, and cherished. 90 out of 100 girls like men who are good at making anybody laugh.

Say NO to Friend-zone

Aren’t you afraid of a girl to friend-zone you before you even start to love her? Most of us are. And to avoid the friend-zone part here, you have to be flirty. You have to know how to flirt the right way and at the right time. Every girl wants to have a guy who is humorous, intelligent, and flirty.  You must have that FLIRT-PART in yourself to get any girl to like you.

If you can look at all the ideas and factors shown above, I believe that you will quit asking as how to make a girl like you.

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