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How to Get a Guy to Like You Back Fast

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Learn to best ways to get a guy to like you back fast with talking, facebook and over texts. These tips show how to rule a guys heart whether he is shy or popular.

Every woman on this planet needs the only man that can love him and stay with him forever. Now if you have got that right man that you are attracted to and want to spend his life with you than you need to make the right impression on him. The right impression means making this guy feel that you are the only girl that he can live happily with. If you want to get a guy to like you and be a part of your life you need to know the right tricks.

When the query is “how to get a guy to like you”, the main tip is to make him feel comfortable in your company. He should feel the happiness when you both are together. This is not the only thing here are some of the best tips to make a man to like you forever.


This is the first most important thing a boy will notice in a girl and his subconscious mind will decide whether to get attracted to the girl or not. A proper hygiene means how you smell, are your hair styled properly, condition of nails on hands and feet, clean clothes and white teeth. There are some more things, but these are the main ones. Not only a man, even a women considers a man more likable if he dress well and follows a good hygiene.


Girls usually forget that their smile is the best weapon that can strike the heart you any guy. A research has concluded that men are more likely to fall in a love that keeps the beautiful smile on her face and also laughs more. When you are with your friends and he is near then you need to laugh and enjoy with your group. You don’t need to think that the guy is so hot and I am not that beautiful. You need to have a positive attitude to make him like you. Many average looking women are currently dating hot guys. This is because these girls have the confidence in them and with the smile and laugh she can make him and everyone happy.


Whenever you both are together you need to create a surrounding in which there is laughter and joy. If you can be that girl then he will make sure to spend more time with you. Touch him casually, but take care of his comfort zone. If you are trying to disturb his comfort levels then this can make him making him feel tense.


Touch is a very important part when it comes to attraction, but make sure you move slowly on this track. Without romance this man can trap you in the friend zone, but it is important to make sure you start with causally touching his hands. Whenever you walk together slowly let you hand touch his. Research with some of the best touches you can make with man without making him uncomfortable. Touches will send strong signals to his brain and this will make him start thinking about you. Whenever you touch him he will pretend that everything is normal, but this will actually later make him feel more attracted.


To get a guy like you not just as a friend you need to sometimes be unavailable to him. Don’t answer his texts 50% of the time and later give any reason that you were busy with some task and forgot to reply or when he texts you at night, don’t reply him. Let him know that you saw the message in the morning. If you be available to him all the time he will think that you are a easy girl to get and hence you need to show him a little attitude.


Yes, he is not only the boy you need to be with, have many male friends and talk to them and enjoy their company. Show this guy that there is a competition and you are not an easy girl to get there are many boys wanting to be with you. This all is very important because a man usually want a girl that is liked by other boys.


When you both are alone tease him for something or with some another girl, just check that whatever you tease him he is not feeling insulted. Also sometimes it is ok to flirt with him. You need to show him that apart from having a loving and caring nature you are quiet romantic. Your teasing and flirting should be kept simple and funny, don’t just overdo anything.

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