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How to Make a Man Obsessed With You

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Understanding the psychology of a man is the best way to make a man obsessed with you. Take good care of yourself and be a confident women and he will surely get obsessed for you.

You are at a place anywhere in the college or somewhere out and want to know more about him. Or there is a man who is your colleague or classmate or in your college. The great personality and looks of this guy has really impressed you and you want to make this man obsessed with you. So are there any chances to win him? Yes, there great chances to be with him. The start of liking someone and being in a relationship is the most exciting part of life for any individual. The tingling in the stomach and a little nervousness at the first few meeting are just awesome. Study these tips and you will be able to make him crazy about you.


Daily shower and wearing well ironed clothes is best way to build confidence in yourself. Put on little makeup and wear the outfit which you like and feel comfortable. Also spray some nice smelling perfume and make sure that nails are clean and hair styled properly. Doing such things is not at all related to love, but the thing is you need to make that man feel that you are capable of taking care and maintaining yourself.


Independent girls are most likely thing that is able to make any guy think about you. According to boys the most lovable quality in a girl is, which lives her life to the fullest and does things that she likes is. This quality you need to develop to make him obsessed with you. You need to make the guy understand that you are strong enough to take care of yourself and you never rely on anyone. After he knows about this quality send him some signals that you like him. And if you are already in a relationship with him than this quality will make him think that even if you don’t need anyone, you have selected him and then this thing can make him crazy for you.


Whether he is around you or not, you need to show that you are a confident girl. The fact is many man and woman lack confidence and just by faking that they are confident later they develop this skill. This is the most appealing thing for a boy that his girl has a positive and confident attitude towards everything in life. But, when you are alone with him show a little shyness, these are signals you are sending him to get attracted towards you.


If you are in college then things are not normal. In college both boys and girls want a person that is liked by their friends. In other words you should be liked and praised by a majority in their group and that’s the fact. So try to hang out in college with him and his friends sometimes. When you are with his group keep smiling and laughing. Tease some of the boys for something, but in a funny manner not in an insulting one. It may be that you don’t like someone in his group, but don’t be rude with him, just avoid talking with him. If his group likes you then he will be one that will start chasing you.


Start signaling him that you like him and at the same time stay unavailable to him. When walking by his side let your shoulder accidentally touch. Relationship gurus have advised that it is important for a girl or a boy to signal his/her feelings to avoid being trapped in the friendship zone. Also you can sometimes try this trick. Look at him and as soon as he looks at you give him a smile and then look away. Eye has the best signaling powers of attraction.

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