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How to Make Him Miss You – 7 Steps

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Trying to make him miss you is not an easy task – there is so much hatred going on between two of you, probably; you have fewer chances to getting him miss you after all these disastrous experiences that you two had, or if you’re new to it. Keeping that in mind, how to make him miss you? That’s something where most people lose their sights and ideas of what it takes to make anybody miss you after all the bad experiences or starting out new. [How to Make Him Watch You Back and Win Him?]

If you’re wanting to make him want you back after break up, you might know that at this very period of heart break and break up, most people find it hard to forget about their ex and hold onto the memories worth remembering – while some of the people start hating their exes that very moment after break up. [How to Act When You See Your Ex?]

What Should You Consider After Break Up?

There are two ways for you to choose between:

  1. Forget about that person or at least your relationship for lifetime and start loving yourself.
  2. Do something that makes your ex want you back and miss you– if you are wishing to keep with your ex because you still love him/ her.


How to Make Him Miss You The Real Way?

If you’re up for keeping relationship with him, you have to do these things step by step that will lead him to you within days or months; all you have to do is to know the right things to do.

Following is the step-by-step guide that will help you get your ex or him miss you and want you back if he’s not paying attention to you after making few memories:

  1. Don’t talk for a while; you have to give yourself and him some time to heal the wounds and heart breaks before you proceed to make him miss you again. You don’t have to rush him to miss you or want you back at instant. Allow yourself some time and do everything it takes to fulfill your soul and scars of past – overcome the hurt that you feel because of him.
  2. Don’t check onto him; don’t make him feel like you’re investigating him – don’t stalk him at all. This might lower the chances of getting him miss you.
  3. Work for the change; find out everything that you think he likes about a person when it comes to appreciation – work for yourself and be the better YOU.
  4. Make new friends; increasing your friends’ circle and going out in events help you in enjoying your life to the fullest – when it’s done the fine way possible, he will realize that you still have life and you’re still happy, even without them.
  5. Achieve your goals; achieving your goals helps you get people jealous of you and get huge exposure – people will start noticing you the minute you achieve something that they can’t. Achievement can be anything (happiness, loyal friends, etc.), not only your credits in bank accounts or your Ferrari.
  6. Start seeing him; go out of your comfort zone and give him a visit – be it a social media platform or somewhere outside that you have idea he visits. Make your visit to be an immediate visit, not a planned one. Upon seeing him, initiate the conversation if he doesn’t and ask him how he’s doing and what’s going on – remember, keep the conversation short and move on.
  7. Make him miss you more; after you’ve shown him all your changes, achievements, and everything that you are proud of (things that make you differ from others), you’ve made him miss you already. Now all you have to do is to be patient, still (don’t rush messaging and contacting – make him wait when he texts you) – this way you make him miss you more.

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