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How to Make Him Want You Back and Win Him

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How to make him want you back OR generally, how to win him back? You might have got questions like these when your boyfriend left you on your own – without letting you know the reason or mistake that you made. [Here’s how relationship fails] I repeat, there might be other reasons without you making mistakes which is why we used the word ‘reason’ in our previous sentence.

We’re not blaming you for the destruction and falling apart of your relationship which later in this article you’re going to discover.

How to Win Him Back – Things Required to Get Anybody to Like You:

So, what is it that is possible for you to win him back – how to get him back? Remember, possibilities are countless and all it takes or all you need to do is to focus on one thing called ‘observation’ at first. You heard me right, observation is your only friend that will assist you in knowing whether a guy that you want to win back (ex-boyfriend) really cares for you or not. It is the very first key and the last too, to finding the ideas and possibilities regarding the person you want to get back. If you lack observation, you’re going to lose anyway.

Now that you’re comfortable with observation and ready to proceed, then come the steps that aid you in becoming more attractive to your ex-boyfriend. We have an article for men in becoming more attractive to women but you can give it a read because all of the key-points mentioned there are same for both genders.

how to make make him want you back and win him

How to Win Him Back and Make Him Want You – Steps:

To quit querying how to get your ex-boyfriend back, we have made you a step-by-step guide to follow that will assist in knowing what things are essential and how to do them.

Below are the steps that will help you get loads of assistance to proceed your get-your-ex-boyfriend mission:

1 – Evaluate what went wrong:

The very first thing you should be doing after observation is to find out what went wrong with two of you. You need to have everything organized in your mind that turned your relationship into dust.

For example:

  • Why did you relationship end?
  • What you could’ve done better?
  • What can you do different this time to make your relationship work?
  • How good you were as a partner to your soulmate?
  • How do you think you can change the difference?
  • Why do you still want to be in a relationship with your ex-boyfriend?

And any other relatable question that comes in your mind.

2 – Work on your mistakes:

After you have the list of everything that went wrong and how you can work for them to be better this time, work. Do everything it takes for you to be the better version of yourself and your relationship.

Relationships hurt sometimes, but pain is what makes us feel we’re alive and pushes us to be the better version of ourselves.

3 – Divide the blame:

What you have to do next is you have to believe that it wasn’t only your boyfriend that made a mistake which turn out to be a break up but cooperate with the idea of distribution of who to blame.

If you believe it was you that made you two apart, you’re going to work for it for sure this time. If you believe it was your ex-boyfriend who did this to you, you still have to forgive him because you have now decided to be with him still.

3 – Focus the idea of getting your ex-boyfriend:

Now that you’ve forgiven him and believed that it was somehow your fault too that put your relationship into a destruction, you have to think and only think about getting your ex-boyfriend and no other guy in that meantime.

If your ex-boyfriend sees you with another guy, your chances of getting him back will get lesser.

4 – Initiate the contact:

After focusing on the idea of winning your ex-boyfriend back, here comes the initiation-of-contact part. In this part, all you have to do is to expose yourself in front of him – you have to re-appear in front of him and be happy so he’s not upset about what has happened between two of you.

If you act like you’re upset, he will find it hard to talk to you because he will get sad too.

When you’re done re-appearing in front of him for several of times, you have to initiate the conversation. Don’t get nervous and excited. Just go and ask him about what he’s doing and what’s going on.

5 – Organize meetings:

Just when you are done initiating the contact and conversation, you have to keep up with him for days or weeks at first. Don’t rush it. After that, you have to ask him out for a dinner or a movie.

In this part of the process, you have to focus on getting closer to your ex-boyfriend. You have to talk and meet more so that you can showcase the changes that you have made to yourself and how better you have become.

6 – Tell him you want him back:

After when you’ve shown him all your changes and the better version of yourself, you can tell whether he likes you or not by observations which we talked about earlier in this article. If you believe he likes you, you can tell him straightforwardly that you want him back and he will most likely accept the idea of patching up back, all over again. [6 Signs He Likes You Undoubtedly]

Note: If your ex-boyfriend still doesn’t want to get back to you, you were in a bad relationship. We want you to have fun and start fresh; you have to be positive to get most out of your life.

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