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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back All Over Again

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How to make your ex boyfriend want you back? That’s the query or a question we get asked most of the time – getting to know what it takes to make your ex boyfriend want you back – if it is possible (which surely is possible  if the right amount of efforts are put in the hustle).

What do you think about getting your ex boyfriend to like you back, all over again? Do you find it accepting or is it just a false hope? Let us know in the comments’ section.

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back?

Making anybody (be it a boyfriend or a girlfriend OR any individual) to like you requires efforts and proper guidelines that assist you in knowing the real must-do things when it comes to getting anybody to adore you. If you lack in any way (there are countless ways) that leads another person to fall for you, you might miss the shot and get broke – for sure.

how to make your ex boyfriend want you back

how to make your ex boyfriend want you back

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back – 11 Steps:

As mentioned above, there are countless ways you can use to let anybody fall for you, all over again – helping you to quit re-searching/ re-querying the question as how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. Some of the best ways that we found to be working for almost everybody are mentioned below:

Give it a break

The very first thing you should be thinking of and doing is giving everything a break after you’ve broke up with your boyfriend. You have to distant yourself from your ex boyfriend and let him miss you for a while. You don’t have to rush the re-attaching process and let your ex boyfriend realize you’re going nowhere. Calm down, breathe, and have some fun.

Figure the issues

Now that you’re done giving yourself a break from your ex boyfriend, you have to realize what went wrong between two of you? What really was it that made you two apart? What was the cause of your separation? Grab a note, write each and every issue off of relationship issues that you think is the reason of things not working out for you two.

Work on the issues

After the completion of figuring of relationship mistakes that you might have done earlier without knowing, you have to work for them and yourself – you have to make big changes to yourself and accept the reality that if you don’t change, you lose.

Get ready

Once you are done changing yourself to the best version of yourself – the one that people can’t ignore and overlook, you have to look for yourself for a while. You have to get into shape and adapt the hobbies that interest you. You must release the tension off your body and enjoy your life to the fullest while getting into a shape and focusing everything that attract others toward you.

Accept what has happened

Now that you’re the best version of yourself (shaped and attracting – perfect girl), you have to accept what has happened between two of you and stop the blame-game. You must forgive your partner and don’t chase for any other guy if you’re willing to make your ex boyfriend like you back. You have to get yourself ready for him and only him.

Start re-appearing

When you are all ready to go, you have to start re-appearing yourself in front of your ex boyfriend. You have to find out where he hangs out and can be found, then go there and show up yourself. Other than that, you can use social media as well, like Facebook or Instagram; where you can comment on any of the mutual friends’ posts or updates and let your ex boyfriend notice you.

Be happy when he’s around

To make your ex boyfriend realize you’re having a great time, you have to be happy and laughing  most of the time – letting him know that you are more happier than you used to be with him. You must do that.

Initiate conversation

After you realize that your ex boyfriend started taking huge interest in you – observing more of you and less of his friends, look at him and act like this is the first time you’ve seen him after so long. Don’t get sad or upset while talking. Make him realize that you’re happier and talk with him for a while.

Just when you’re done talking with your ex boyfriend (all happily), chances are that he will not be nervous again when initiating a conversation after he sees you – it’s because you started the conversation and you made him realize that nothing has been worse, ever. And, if he doesn’t talk still, you have to reinstate the conversation without fearing anything – but don’t stretch the conversation; if you stretch the conversation, he will realize that you’re still struggling to get him to like you.

Start hanging out

Now that you’re in contact with your ex boyfriend, invite him over to any of the parties with your friends and spend some time together so you can discuss more of yourselves together. When hanging out, you have to make him realize that you have changed a lot and you’re not the person you used to be, earlier. Let him observe the changes you have made to yourself.

Observe his reactions

It is essential to know whether you ex boyfriend has now fallen for you or not. You have to find out if he likes you back or not before you put more of your efforts in making your ex boyfriend like you.

Finalize the process

After you know that he adores you back, you have to hit him with signs that you’re into him. You can go straight as well – letting him know that things won’t repeat the same old way.

Note: If you still don’t get any results and you realize that your ex boyfriend isn’t in favor of liking you back but prefers the friend-zone, there’s one thing you can do: have fun and start fresh; be positive.

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