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How To Tell If a Guy Likes You Back – 18 Proven Ways

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How to tell if a guy likes you? Most of the times, when people lose the ideas and get themselves moving in the struggle to find what It takes to find out somebody’s attraction for anybody (read: how to be more attractive to women), they need and crave the things that help them knowing what to know and why; what reasons are helping regarding solving any query and how can you get to know it as well.

You might not agree with what I just said above about finding out the ideas, solutions, and reasons behind somebody’s ideas, intimacy, and attraction towards you but 80 out of 100 girls lookout for the same things and solutions to find out whether the guys they like are interested in them as well or not.

How to tell if a guy likes you back?

Finding out what are the ideas and ways you can find out if a guy likes you back or not isn’t something unachievable – all you have to do is to know and believe that you have to take actions when it comes to keeping up with a relationship and the guy you crave. And to get to know what these ways and ideas are that aid you in knowing whether a guy is interested in you or not, we want you to read our very next part below.

how to tell if a guy likes you

How to tell if a guy likes you – 18 Ways:

Here are some of the best ways you can find out if the guy you like is interested in you or not:

Eye contact:

Most guys are found to be looking at girls who they like when these girls aren’t watching/ seeing/ looking at them. Now all you have to do here is to find anyhow whether he looks at you when you are not looking at him or not; catch him looking at you, more often.

While some guys are what-being-shy-is type and they stare and look at you like you’re going to get killed by them. They are always looking without any fear that you might mind and get scared.

Body language:

Body language has always been the best sign when it comes to finding out somebody’s interest in you – you can tell a lot about somebody’s body language; whether they are shy and nervous around you OR they look at you more, like so much more. Look and observe his body language carefully to find out his interest in you.


If you are socially connected with this guy that you want to find out about, you need to find out how he talks with you and how he communicates. Does he question more when you are talking with him? Like, so many questions – uncountable. If yes, he’s into you. People ask more questions only when they are interested in anything/ anyone OR when they want to keep engaged to anything/ anyone.


When you are attracted to somebody, you smile whenever you see that person. And, so will that guy smile if he sees you. Find out if he does or not.


75 out of 100 guys ignore the girl they are interested in.

There are two reasons for that:

  • They are shy around you.
  • They want to see if you care or not.

You can find the type of ignorance that he’s adopting with the help of his body language.

Body contact:

If you are a friend of that guy you want to know about, you have to observe his trying-hard-enough thing and the struggles towards touching and holding you. Does he lay his hand on your shoulder or does he do anything just to feel the touch of your body? If yes, he’s into you.


When a guy is interested in you, he asks for anything and everything just to be connected with you. He cares more about you than his friends and relatives – and this makes him do anything to get in touch with you, no matter what.

Some of the connecting ways he can use are:

  • Social Media.
  • Phone Number.


Do you have an idea if that guy treats you differently than any other person that he treats? You can find that out by observing more of him and finding out the type of person he is. If he treats you differently (in a good way) than he treats his friends and relatives, he likes you.


Though women are found more jealous than men when they are in a relationship, but still most of the guys get jealous when they see their partners talking to somebody else (other than them). And again, we want you to observe what he does and how he acts when you are interacting with any other guy. If he’s jealous, he wants to be with you.


You have to ask yourself this question which is, “Do you find him more interested in your interests or not? Like if you mentioned some of the songs that you like and he suddenly matched that interest of yours to his own. Matching and mutualizing more of your interests as his is the sign that he likes you.

Friends and Family:

One of the best signs on how to tell if a guy likes you is checking onto and observing his friends. If he’s interested in you, chances are that he has told to his friends about you. Find out when his friends smile at you in a silly way OR when they make fun of that guy when you are walking by. If they do so, he’s interested in you.


If you are luckier, the guy that you want to know about will come to you straight forward and say that he likes you – with no hide-and-seek. 40% guys find it stupid to be shy and afraid when it comes to letting a girl know about what they feel for her.


Studies have found that if a guy is interested in any girl, he teases her. Now all you have to do is to find out whether that guy teases you only – or he teases every single girl around. If you are his only priority and aim, he’s into you.


If you find him to be your friend, ask him about anything that you want help with. If he cares, he’ll do anything it takes to fulfill that demand of yours, no matter what the situation is and how hard it gets – he’s always ready to help you and he appreciates that.


But, there’s something which that guy hates too about you; your guy friends. If you have guy friends, you’ll see the guy (that you want to know about whether he’s interested in you or not) getting insecure and angry whenever he sees you talking to your guy friends.


One of the signs on how to tell if a guy likes you is, when it comes to starting a conversation, you’ll find him always to be the first who breaks the ice. No matter what the conversation topic is, and how useless or aimless the conversation gets, he won’t stop speaking – because he wants to keep you engaged to him for a long lasting conversation and a better quality time together.


Time is money – nobody wastes it. But when you are around that guy, he doesn’t care what time it is and how it might turn out to be worse for him. For the better clearance of your question and concept about time here, the best example we can give you here is: he never hurries to get rid of the conversation and the hangout.


Do you compliment any of your friends on a daily basis regarding their looks and how stunning they are? No. But that guy (who likes you) surely will. There won’t be a day he’ll miss complimenting you – if he likes you.

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