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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying: 7 Ways

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Woah! What a journey it was for us; struggling hard to get and fetch some of the best ideas and facts to tell as how to tell if someone is lying. We’re almost dead after the search of a gathering of ideas and facts as if there’s any lie detector or gadgets like that which help in knowing and considering/ detecting the lie whenever somebody lies.

This whole idea/ journey/ adventure started when Emily (my batch mate) came to me complaining that her boyfriend never pays her attention; always talking about unusual things. She kept asking as how to spot a liar, and I and my team had no clue back then. She was constantly thinking whether if there’s something that her boyfriend is hiding. She was worried as how to tell when someone is lying, and so was us. This is why we started and took action to find the ideas and facts out.

how to tell if someone is lying

How to tell if someone is lying to you?

How to spot a liar? Ah, it’s a big deal knowing the ideas and facts to find out as how to know if someone is lying. Trust me. There are tons of things and ways you can use to find that out. Some of these ideas include excessive sweats, pursed lips, looking at the right side, face touching, no eye contacting, and so many. But the thing here is that you aren’t a psychologist or a good observer that easily catches the lies without using a lie detector or stuff. These ideas might help some of us, but not most of us. This is why we had to seek all over the neighborhood and psych centers, gathering the information and ideas, and came up with some of the best at last.

How to spot a liar with no lie detector?

Unlike any other blog or a team, we’re going to get you straight to the point that shows the ideas and facts that aid you in answering your question as how to tell if someone is lying. Below is the list to assist you finding out the lies at ease.

Unexpected Questions

Some of the people are so good at lying that they never let you even doubt as if they are lying or not. And this is some of the core reasons that most of the people search for help in this case. What you have to do is here is to ask him/ her unexpected questions that you think he/ she might not answer or might not lie in. Nobody can tell you the questions to ask him/ her, you have to do this on your own.

Sudden Behavioral Change

One of the best ideas and ways you can use to find out if somebody is lying is to look closely at their behavior. You have to have an idea of how he/ she used to be with you and how he/ she is with you right now. If there’s some change you can notice and feel, he/ she might be lying.

Not Keeping To The Words

Most of the people are inconsistent, and that is a good chance and way to find out whether they are liars or not. If they tell you something different and do something else, they are liars. Keep your eye on your partner this way.

Bad At Expressing

Some people aren’t good at expressing things but they still pretend that they are expressing. Smiling is an example. If you have no reason to smile, you can’t, even if you pretend to smile; people can easily catch you. And you should be catching your partner as well.

Looking For Micro-Expressions

Just like the point above, you have to go in depth here. You have to notice every micro-expression to find out if he/ she is lying.


Look out for the things that show that he/ she is confused. The general rule is whatever that the people do with their voices or their gestures that don’t fit the phrases they’re pronouncing can suggest a lie. Look out for contradictions. This can help you get rid of the question as how to tell if someone is lying.

Excessive Details

If I was asked normally (when I am not lying) as what’s happening (usual stuff), I would say “Nothing much! Just checking onto the newsfeed and stuff (or whatever)” And if I was hiding something and telling a lie, upon asking the same question I would dive into the details telling him/ her all the things that I got through and then coming to the main point and answer of a question. Too much of details about a simple question that should have a one-word answer is a sign of a lie.

What we want right now from you is to work on these ways and ideas and quit searching as how to tell when someone is lying to you, from now on.

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