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I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend/ Boyfriend, What Now?

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I still love my ex girlfriend/ boyfriend, what should I do? This is the question that we often get to hear by many so-attached people (around 63% out of 100%) each week or a month.

The things that really matter here are the things that will be aiding you to cheer yourself more than over-thinking about the ones you lost – I’m not making you upset here but you have to accept that what’s gone is gone and there’s no way brining those things back to how they used to be.

What Should I Do When I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend/ Boyfriend?

Well, I had to share my personal experience with you for that very reason; knowing what things to look upon and how to feel for yourself more than your missing partner.

“I was with the girl I used to love, we were together for 3 years and suddenly things started turning out to be different and not-expected. There were those relationship mistakes that both of us made which in turn made us apart and split. It was so hard then to manage myself and not feel a heart-wrenching feeling about how things ended between us – love hurts. As time passed by, I came to find out that there’s no hope left and there’s no possibility of the person to come back again; this very reason made me appreciate being single and I, thereafter, accepted the reality. And I believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason.”

i still love my ex girlfriend

i still love my ex girlfriend

Ways to Quit Repeating “I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend/ Boyfriend”:

To get to appreciate yourself more and think less about your ex, we have made you the list of ideas to neglect overthinking about the person that has gone already, ever.

Following are the ideas you must look after:


The very first thing you should be thinking about is the retry-option that is still available yet. If you think the person that you love is a good human being and he/ she feels the same as you do, retry talking to her/ him and see if it works again.


If you succeed in getting together, once again, congratulations. If no, accept the reality and move on.

Don’t Blame:

Now that you are not with your partner anymore, stop blaming yourself or your partner. Sometimes when people are not meant to be together, no matter how hard they try, they still fail. And just only that you love a person doesn’t mean he/ she is meant to be with you. Stop the blame-game.

Love Yourself:

The very first person you should be loving is yourself. You come first before anybody else. And now that you’ve lost your partner, it is easier for you to love yourself more – only if you do.

Appreciate Your Status:

Most people like the idea of being in a relationship and hate the idea of being single. If you belong to the same category, you are losing. You have to appreciate your status as single; after you’ve accepted the reality. It is a deal and a must-do thing for each person alive.

Be Positive:

You might have lost the huge amount of positivity like others do and it’s not a good sign. When a gate to one opportunity is closed, another gate is opened at the same time. There is always a hope and a goodwill for each one of us alive. You have to be positive and grateful for whatever you have and whatever that is done with you; good things are coming, trust me.

Know Your Worth:

Single people are found to be more beneficial than the ones in relationships. If you don’t know how you are beneficial over others (the ones in relationships), you must know. You’re better than them, in so many ways.

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