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How Do I Know If I Love My Boyfriend – 6 Proven Ways

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Most of the girls get stuck at the point where they as as “How do I know if i love my boyfriend?” and they are forever-stuck finding out why and how. Aren’t you belonging too to them girls? Is there any sign that assists you knowing that you are loving your boyfriend in real? If this is getting harder for you to know whether you love him or not, you might want to that somehow.

If this is getting harder for you to know whether you love him or not, you might want to know that, somehow.
And that’s what we will be telling you in here to make sure you love him completely or not.

I love my boyfriend

How do I know if I love my boyfriend OR not?

You should be knowing that already before you proceed to marry that guy you think you love. And to know that, you need some signs and facts to assist you further whether you love your boyfriend or not.

How do I know if I love my boyfriend – 6 Ways

Here is how you can easily find out if you adore your boyfriend or not.

Time duration matters:

How long have you been together and dating? A week, a month, a year, or exactly how much duration has it been? If it has exceeded for more than eight months or year, you might be loving him truly.

Them feels:

Have you noticed some strange feelings you love, whenever you two are around each other? How exactly do you feel when you are with your boyfriend? You need to find that out whether you feel secure or not. If you feel secure and safe, you are on the right road.

Do you even think?

How does your thinking play its part about your boyfriend? Do you even think about him ever or two of you just talk with each other when you meet only? If you think more about your soul mate, you have fallen for him already.

Family and Friends:

Do you mind his family and friends? Or do you like him with no hesitation talking to them? The one who loves any person surely loves that person’s family and friends too and gets in touch with them with zero hesitation. If you think you are in love with him, find out whether you respect and love his family and friends or not?


Have you noticed your reactions whenever he sends you some cute or nasty stuff? How do you react to those text sent by him? Do you get them butterflies in your heart and smile, or you don’t appreciate them a bit? If you feel happy, you are in love.

Hangout stuff:

Whenever two of you meet together, how do you act or what do you do for hours? Are they just talks or you sit in silence? Do you two act flirty and appreciate each other? If you enjoy and understand your boyfriend and talk for hours untiringly, you adore him.

What else can I do to find out if I love my boyfriend?

We don’t think you might need something else to find out whether you adore your soul mate or not. All we want from you is to focus on the signs above and find out whether your love is real or not before you marry that guy and get yourself in the situation where you don’t feel good and alive.

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