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My Husband Hates Me But Why Does He Do It?

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I think my husband hates me but why does my husband hate me? I mean I do all this stuff he wants me to do and everything it takes for our family to be happy and cherish but still he isn’t always cooperating and supportive to me.

You might be facing this situation which is why you’re reading this piece of information. But hey, believe me, you’re not the only wife who’s confused and wants to know what has happened that her husband acts that way.

Why does my husband hate me – A Guide:

If you have any clue of what you did wrong or what it is that your husband hates about you, it is easier for you to work on that specific thing to get better results. If you have no clue, we’re going to be discussing some of the well-known reasons why your husband hates you in this guide.

why does my husband hate me

Why does my husband hate me – Reasons:

Now that you have no clue about anything regarding your marriage getting worst day by day or it’s just livable, we have got some of the well-talked-about and well-known reasons why it happens, according to the psychologists and marriage counselors.

Below are the reasons mentioned that will aid you in finding your problem to getting hated by your husband:

  • You make him feel like he’s an idiot. How? When you catch him doing something wrong, you correct him which in your idea might be a good thing but most people don’t like it when they are corrected.
  • You made a mistake that you shouldn’t have made. [Read common relationship mistakes]
  • You lie.
  • You put no trust in him.
  • You don’t ask for his permission.
  • You can’t help your mouth.
  • You remind him of his past failures.
  • You expect him to be doing anything you want.
  • You’re often at your mom’s house.
  • You put load on him the second he walks in the house.
  • You never tell him what’s wrong with you and let him guess.
  • You treat him like you’re a child.
  • You compare him with the guys you like.
  • You don’t give him good sex.
  • You want him to read your mind.
  • You’re not doing what he wants you to do.
  • He’s missing out on love.
  • He’s depressed.
  • He’s in love with somebody else.

The points above were straight to the point just so you find it easier to understand what the real issue is.

What you can do next is to discuss this matter with your husband when you feel is the right time and he’s not angry so that you know what the real reason is if you still have no idea. After that, it’s upto you to decide whether you want to keep up with your husband and work for a better future of your kids (which must be a priority – 43% women are struggling for the same sake) or quit.

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