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The 75 Best ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions To Liven Up Any Party

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“Never have I ever…” is a great game for getting to know people. But it’s not just for getting to know people you’ve just met. It’s also great with friends you think you know well. You can really learn some embarrassing and interesting things about people you thought you knew well.

never have i ever

Just make sure you pick your questions wisely, and don’t ask people you just met intensely personal questions.

Never have I ever rules

So there are two ways to play “Never have I ever”. Depending on your age and what you are comfortable with, you can pick the game that works for you and your friends. Or you could just say “Never have I ever…” and have your friends say if they have done it or not.

The points game

The first way to play “Never have I ever…” is to sit or stand in a circle. Then one person says something that they haven’t done. “Never have I ever broken something at a friend’s house and not told them.” If you have broken something at a friend’s house and not told your friend, then you lose a point. Then the next person says something they haven’t done “Never have I ever…” and so on.

You have ten points to start and when you don’t have any more points you are out of the game. You can keep track of your points on your fingers or draw circles and cross them out on a piece of paper. The last person with points left wins the game.

If only one person has done the thing from the question, they are usually asked to tell the story of how it happened.

The drinking game

The second way of playing is with sips of a drink instead of points.

Everyone forms a circle or sits around a table and one person starts out “Never have I ever been stranded on the side of the road.” If someone has been stranded on the side of the road they take a drink. Then it goes to the next person. And they say “Never have I ever…” and round and round it goes.There isn’t really a winner but there are definitely people who end up drinking a lot more than others. Usually the game stops when people get too drunk or the questions get too embarrassing.

If only one or two people take a drink, usually the group will ask for details or a story. But if no one drinks then the person who said “Never have I ever…” drinks.

A word of warning if you are playing the drinking game. The game can get out of hand pretty quickly. So drink responsibly. Also, ask questions responsibly. There have been many a friendship that have ended over a game of “Never have I ever…”

Good luck and have fun!

No matter which version you are playing make sure to keep things relatively light and fun. No one has fun when the questions start getting too dark or too embarrassing.

Remember the point of the game is to get to know your friends a little bit better and find out some interesting things about them. So have fun with it and don’t get too serious or make the questions too awkward to answer. You can use some of these questions as is, or use them as idea starters for your own questions.

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