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Patch Up Quotes – 17 Of The Best Quotes

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Patch up quotes never get old when it comes to putting an effort into making your relationship and sacrifices work, all over again.

You might have done something stupid OR your partner might have made any of the relationship mistakes which in turn made each of you to be apart but what really you should be looking for and at are the patch up quotes that aid you in less to no time – they help you get back to your partner and let your partner know about how hard you’re trying to get everything back the old and fine way, in the fastest way possible – only if your partner is serious enough about the relationship and you.

Why Patch Up Quotes and Not Something Else?

In short, the patch up quotes are the easiest yet fastest way existing to let your partner know that you still care.

Who wouldn’t try the easiest and quick-sprint way to getting an issue solved? We all do. And for that very reason, you should be initiating your task of getting your partner belong to you back with patch up quotes and phrases that you can send your partner OR let him/ her know any way possible.

patch up quotes

patch up quotes

Patch Up Quotes – 17 Quotes:

Following are the best quotes regarding patch up that aid you in lesser to no time, to get back to your partner and let him/ her know that you still care:

  1. I am sorry that it took a breakup to make me realize that I can’t live without you.
  2. We’re pushing each other away and I don’t seem to be able to lose you.
  3. For what we’ve been through (harsh and good times) and for what we still can be (I believe), we must give our love a chance, I love you so much.
  4. I wish I could take back my words and mistakes but since I can’t, here’s all I can say: I am sorry.
  5. Keep in mind that people change. And for that very reason, I need another chance.
  6. You have always been kind to me – you’re the kindest person. Please forgive this fool.
  7. Never give up on love, you never know when the second chance comes.
  8. Break up happens for patch up.
  9. If I lose you, I lose everything.
  10. Patch up the hole in my heart before the love leaks away.
  11. Stop stressing. Everything will be okay. Just let it.
  12. Nothing great is ever achieved without heartbreaks.
  13. Sometimes I wish you were here so I could let you know what I feel.
  14. Not every sorry deserves an “It’s okay” in return but I am really very sorry.
  15. You can burn your bridge or patch it up after it breaks.
  16. My life’s biggest mistake was to think that I’ll be okay without you but in reality, I am not.
  17. Pretty please?

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