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Phrases for Getting Married – 30 Phrases

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Phrases for getting married are so many, and you can make some of your own as well – regardless of worrying and hesitating much about inventing one or two phrases by yourself, it is a fun game, no?

It is always fun to use these phrases for getting married than to just use the phrase “getting married” as the alternative names are more funnier, happiness-bringer, and way much cooler yet up with the trend.

Phrases for Getting Married:

Some well-known phrases for getting married that you might have known as well are:

  • To tie the knot.
  • To walk down the aisle together.
  • To get hitched.

But there are more possibilities to cover up getting married into different words.

phrases for getting married

phrases for getting married

30 More Phrases for Getting Married:

  1. To say “I do”.
  2. To have fun together.
  3. To transfused.
  4. To be bonded.
  5. To step off.
  6. To buy yourself a cow.
  7. To be one.
  8. To make yourself an ally.
  9. To get spliced.
  10. To jump the broom.
  11. To take the plunge.
  12. To set up a housekeeping.
  13. To bite the dust.
  14. To be the perfect pair.
  15. To play for real.
  16. To unify.
  17. To be merged.
  18. To coin up.
  19. To settle down.
  20. To take vows.
  21. To plight one’s troth.
  22. To lead to altar.
  23. To drop an anchor.
  24. To promise everything.
  25. To couple up.
  26. To combine.
  27. To espouse.
  28. To lead to an affair.
  29. To be the warriors.
  30. To date for life.

See how funny yet beautiful the phrases above relating to getting married are? This is why it has always been a great idea to use them instead of using a single phrase “getting married” because it might have the power and strength that conveys how importance the phrase is, but it is aged.

Let’s see what more phrases for getting married you can come up with and share them in the comments below.

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