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10 Proposal Ideas that Work

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The whole journey to find yourself someone you can chill and be happy with might was tough indeed. With all the uncountable efforts that you made to get to your soulmate, at last, was worth a try. It is a must-do thing to find somebody who enjoys, cherishes, loves, and likes you the same as you do them. But the journey hasn’t yet ended; you haven’t yet reached your final destination. You are supposed to do every possible thing to make every bit of you two memorable that brings happiness at the same time as well. Keeping that memorable and happiness part in mind, here comes the point where most of the people get stuck realizing to do something special and unique to impress their special ones. That point is known as “Proposing.” Every guy wants to and realizes proposal ideas to make his soulmate happier and surprised.

Some of the people might find it easier to propose a girl without asking as how to propose, while some of the people are forever-stuck at the point deciding to choose the right type of proposal with the help of proposal ideas. If you are more socially active and confident, you might find it easier to find more romantic ways to propose your girl the very fine way. But still, most of the people are blank when it comes to proposing a girl, which in turn keeps them asking as how to propose a girl the romantic way or what are the proposal ideas to use to make a girl surprise.

Proposal Ideas – How to Propose?

Proposing a girl isn’t hard once you have all the ideas gathered. When you have all the ideas and romantic ways to propose, you can easily evaluate which one your girl would like depending on her interests and type. Worry not when there’s some query related to proposing a girl. There’s nothing complicated in this part. All you have to do is to gather all the ideas and then find out the right ones to proceed with; depending on your partner’s interests.

Proposal Ideas


10 Proposal Ideas that Work in an Instant:

Below are the most effective and worthy proposal ideas and ways you can propose your girl within no to less time.

Choosing the right spot

Do you still remember where did you meet your partner for the very first time? You should consider that place as your proposal spot to surprise her to the peak. If you aren’t comfortable with the place you met your partner, you can choose some other well-known and comforting place as well without worrying.

Having musicians

If you arrange to have some of the musicians at the same spot you are going to propose her, that’s one worthy thing. Tell them to play the song that your partner likes right when you get down on one knee.


Hiring a skywriter is optionality if you can arrange. You can use him to write the “Will you marry me?” phrase on the sky to make it appear to anybody out there. That will surprise your partner in an instant.

Note in an aquarium

Writing the “Will you marry me?” phrase on a piece of paper that is waterproof and then putting it into an aquarium nearby helps a lot. Make sure the writings are noticeable in an aquarium.

Hunting Treasures

Start playing a hunting treasure game and go with it randomly and usually (without any surprises). Once you realize that your partner is fully engaged in the activity, hide the envelope that says “Will you marry me?” and let her find that.

Cruising Clubs

Visit the favorite club of her and convince the DJ to let you hold the mic for a minute or two so that you can propose her in front of all the attendees at the club. This will make her blush and surprise in an instant.


Giving your partner a massage helps too. All you have to do is to give her a sensual message without massaging her left arm and then, in the end, place the ring on her left arm (un-massaged) to make her go crazy and shocked.

Truth or Dare

One of the easiest and romantic ways to propose is playing truth or dare. Truth or Dare is a game where when somebody chooses Truth upon asking has to answer everything truly (no lies). While the person who chooses Dare has to complete any task that the person against has given him/ her. All you have to do here is to wait for you turn to ask your partner whether she likes to choose truth or dare. If she chooses truth, ask her “Will you marry me?” and she will lose her mind in an instant.


Cook for your fiancé-to-be a meal she loves to infinity. After both of you finish eating, take out a ring off of your pocket and propose her.

Love for reading

Writing the phrase “Will you marry me?” onto the book that your partner loves and reads daily can help you letting her know that. This will instantly make her feel good and turn her bad mood into a good one realizing that you aren’t playing but seriously want to marry her.

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