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Rebound Relationship after Divorce – Everything to Know

Rebound relationship after divorce or break up is most people’s first go-to option the day they divorce their partner; they want to fill up the hole of missing partner in their relationship, somehow. There are reasons behind why this happens which we will cover later.

Before we cover what the reasons are that people often choose rebound relationship after divorce, here’s how really a rebound relationship can be defined:

“Rebound relationship is a relationship where your presence exists only for your needs that you used to have, earlier in your ordinary (actual) relationship – you don’t mean this relationship the way you meant your older relationship but you’re in it because you somehow want to fill up the empty space left by your ex-partner.” [Why Rebound Relationships Fail?]

rebound relationship after divorce

Why Rebound Relationship After Divorce or Break Up Comes to Existence:

As we mentioned earlier, there are reasons attached to rebound relationships after you’re divorced or broke up. Some of the most popular reasons found are:

  1. You want to fulfill your needs (sex, intimacy, etc.).
  2. You want to feel lesser pain caused by your ex relationship.
  3. You are addicted to being with someone.
  4. You want revenge from your ex-partner by making him/ her jealous of you with another person.

What Confuses When It Comes to Rebound Relationships After Divorce or Break Up:

Now that you have an idea of what rebound relationship is, there is one big problem in it for you and everybody in a relationship.

The problem is:

How to Tell If You Are In a Rebound Relationship?

You don’t have idea if your partner lies to or not about your relationship or himself/ herself, do you? Then, how you’re supposed to know if your relationship is an actual relationship for both of your or is it just an exception for your partner (your partner wants to fulfill their needs and anything that they want from your relationship)? That’s something to think about.

Worry not, there are 2 steps for you to evaluate whether your relationship is worthy or it’s just an illusion. Below are the steps for you to proceed with:

  1. Find out whether you are in a committed relationship or not.
  2. Find out whether your partner likes you back or not.

When you have the answers of above 2 questions and they give you an idea of actuality, congrats. Otherwise, you’re all set to move on and stop wasting your time.


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