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Relationship Advice for Men – 15 Effective Advises

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Before jumping into a relationship, it’s better to know what it takes to be a good boyfriend/ good husband; what are the necessities to look upon – and the remaining essentials that one needs to go on with a relationship the very successful way (things to keep in mind when you’re in a relationship). You might be very confidential and ready-to-go or jump-in type of a person, but still, you need to know all of the facts and information it needs to carry and keep up with a relationship – you need a relationship advice to carry on with your relationship. And before you ask us what the relationship advice for men is, we have a compiled ready-to-grasp-and-work-on advises that it takes for a person to go a long way and be successful in a relationship; everything it takes to make your girl realize that no other relationship is better than ours.

Relationship Advice for Men – Scenario:

Our advises for men in a relationship are not difficult and roaming-off-point. Everything that we have in advises section below are the proven facts and ways you can lead and be successful when it comes to keeping up with a relationship and a single person (the person that you love – partner of your life/ afterlife). All we want from you is to get into advises that we have in here with the simplest words yet deep/ long-term meanings.

relationship advice for men

Relationship Advice for Men – 15 Advises

Below is our list of top-notch advises for men and ways for being a better person in a relationship – to make your relationship work:

Listen to what she says

Instead of trash-talking, listen to what your significant other has to say and mean. Listen to what she’s trying to tell you about what does she want from you to do. You might be a keep-speaking-girl-I-am-listening type of person but you really have to listen to your partner, before you ruin the relationship and the bond between two of you.

Never lie to your partner

Whether it’s an event to go meet your friends or a hidden plan with your friends to go hit the club tonight, tell your partner about it before it gets worse. You might get caught some time later and you’ll have to remember each and every excuse that you had in your mind earlier just to make your partner realize you are all CLEAN. There’s an old saying that says “If you speak the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

Be present

When it’s about keeping a relationship and loving your partner to the moon and back, you should be her first-guy-to-help person and fight the problems and issues that she has together. Keeping up with ideas and solving her problems more often will make her feel like you’re the only one she should be looking for, no matter what happens next, which in return will help you build a stronger trust-level.

Don’t think of cheating

Would you want your partner to date some other guy and cheat you – or flirt with some other pal without you knowing? Surely no. And that’s what your partner wants from you too. Whether it’s a communicating with some girl (that might be spotted as cheating – depending on the type of communication) or having bad intentions about getting with some other girl without letting your girl know about it.

Don’t lose yourself

You might be working hard enough for your partner to appreciate you and cheer you; you put so much of your efforts into becoming more attractive towards your soulmate, but don’t forget to be the real YOU. Your partner might want you to be who she wants you to be, but being a real YOU is a keep-in-mind thing. Don’t lose yourself trying to please others.

Be the player

There’s no fun in life/ relationship when you are not her most-naughty-person-I-have-met guy. You have to know how and when to be romantic and please your partner. There are so many ways you can be romantic; from sending of romantic love messages to play-hard-time in bed. Make her feel like there’s nobody who can satisfy her more than YOU. It is the worthiest relationship advice for men one can give.

Ask her about her insecurities

There’s no doubt that each girl has some type of insecurities and things that they hate seeing and doing. You might by-mistake do them somehow and that’s when she will start hating you, for that very reason. Know what she hates and what makes her mood go OFF and never try to do them, anyhow.

Don’t stop having fun

Relationships aren’t limited to having a good bedtime to helping each other. There’s that HAPPINESS part every person should think of (whether it’s a girl or a boy). Do whatever it takes for your partner to feel happy and secure. Try going out for a picnic or something OR do anything it takes for you to make her happy and enlighten. There’s no ongoing of a relationship without happiness and fun.

Don’t make her feel like she’s optional

Everybody likes it when they are called upon or reminded, everybody. Keep your partner engaged to you and text/ call her more often so that she realizes that you are thinking of her and she’s the only one that matters to you the most – she’s always on your mind. Don’t miss onto that. But be careful; don’t get too sticky or she might find you to be nothing but CLINGY.

Don’t settle

One of the best advises that we have for you is to DON’T SETTLE. Know how and why somebody is worthy enough to have you – why is it that they need to be in your life or you need to be in their life? If you find out that your girl isn’t worthy of you, QUIT.

Enhance your emotional level

To make most out of the relationship, you need to be more emotional to your partner; emotionally connected. There are things that harm your emotional level including porn. If you are a porn addict, quit watching porn before it’s too late or you might never feel the love and arousal of your partner and your own.

Surprise her

Everybody loves surprises, and so should your girlfriend. Surprise her more often with whatever you think she likes and loves. There are so many things that come in surprises; from saying cute things to your partner to buying her gifts. It’s upto you to choose between the right type of surprise that your partner adores.

Work as a team

It is better when you work for your dreams together, and so should you. Working as a team helps you build a stronger relationship and the understanding of circumstances and adversities as well. Work for those big dreams that you two have set for bigger and better approach.


Communication will be my core relationship advice for men. Most of the men talk in a harsh way – they have no idea how to speak and talk with a girl and that’s where they lose. Speak nicely to your girl; she’s your partner, not your slave.

Tell her she’s important to you

By telling that she’s important to you, you should mean it as well. And to mean it more in depth, think of a case where you’ve lost your partner; how does it feel to live life now? Do you feel like something’s missing? What’s missing? Does it matter? Why does it matter? Can you live your life without your partner? And when you have all the answers that make you think you love your girlfriend and she’s important to you, tell her.

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