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Relationship Advice for Women – 8 Advises

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You might be a very perfect girl, undoubtedly, but still, it is harder for people to manage and lift up the relationship. No matter how good you do and play, there are still some points in which people lack the curiosity, devotion, patience, love, and relatives. No girl can every get to a point where she realizes everything with her relationship is fine (some of the girls might think this way – mostly don’t), and this is why I keep getting asked by girls about the relationship advice for women, more often.

You might be very confident when it comes to relationship and keeping your partner but still there are so many things (relationship issues) that we overlook and that make our relationship sink.

Relationship advice for women – Scenario:

Our relationship advises for women are not keep-distracting type; we have everything setup and gathered to hit you with the points and signs right in your brain and in your ideas to grasp most of them, easily. And, we want you to focus more on what we say and implement them in your relationship for the best outcome possible.

relationship advice for women

Relationship advice for women: Advises:

Below is our well-known and most popular advises for any woman who wants to keep up with a relationship and a single partner:


Whether it is a party night that your guy is going to and he wants to be with someone for the quality time OR it is an accident that your guy just met, you have to be present and help him, no matter what. The more you appear in front of him, the more he’ll trust and appreciate you.

 Don’t cheat:

No guy/ girl wants to get cheated by anyone anyhow. Do you want to be cheated? Of course no. Then why would you try to cheat on your partner? Think of it with your mind open. Cheating on your partner leads the trust in a dustbin and a relationship in an ocean.

Listen before you speak:

Most girls are so straight-forward and never-ready-to-listen that they yell and argue without knowing what the fact is – and you must don’t do it. If you find yourself belonging to the same type of girls, QUIT RIGHT NOW!

Say a “BIG NO” to lies:

The lie is the first minor yet the powerful thing that leads a relationship to sink and destruction. No relationship can work if there are lies involved. And this is why you shouldn’t love the idea of lying to your partner as well.

Work for your dreams:

The word “YOUR” is to point you and your partner both. If you are good team partners and you two work for your aims/ dreams/ goals together, chances are that you’ll always be together – and it isn’t something I say personally, but it has been proved already.

Tell him how much you appreciate him:

Our sixth relationship advice for women is that most of the times girls have no idea how their men are trying so hard just to be with them. They make sacrifices without letting you know (some of the men mention them as well) and if you ignore and overlook what they have done for you and the relationship, you are doing nothing but pushing your relationship to the edge of a mountain. Tell him how he means to you and how important he is; tell him you appreciate him.

Speak gently:

There should never be a day or a moment that you speak harsh words to your partner or that you yell at him. He might forgive you for what you spoke earlier, but he will never forget about how you treated him. Learn how to communicate the nice way – without hurting anybody.

Get a little naughtier:

95 out of 100 men want their girls to be romantic and playful. They always crave the teasing-part of their girls; they want you to tease them. If you are missing that naughtiness in yourself, you need to find it ASAP, before he gets into some other girl who has that part; who is more naughtier, playful, and romantic than you.

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