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Sad Friendship Quotes – 5 Best Quotes and Their Morals

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Sad friendship quotes represent the real image of your friendship after it has been lost – they show you how your friendship was supposed to be and how it turned out to be; they aid you in knowing the fine yet clearer image or reflection of your friendship and at the same time, they help you to move on and love yourself more.

Sad Friendship Quotes – Are they a Good Idea to look upon when moving on?

Losing a true friend’s friendship takes your smile, your laugh, courage, hope and your socialism as well, within moments.

Friendship is far different from love. That’s why it requires great understanding between the two. A lover has a right to dump or betray you as they do but a true friend won’t. He will hold you when you’re broke and will raise/ push you when you’re going down.

You might find more friends to spend time with but the feelings will not be the same like earlier, understanding each other in friendship takes about half of the life but gets break within just seconds.

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For the sake of knowing who the real ones are and how a friendship should be, sad friendship quotes convey the messages, shorter yet deeper. They aid in knowing the real meaning of friendship, point out who the real friends are, and undoubtedly help you to move on – they help you forget about the tragedies.

I tell you what; we never lose friends we just only come to know who really our true friends are.

sad friendship quotes

sad friendship quotes

5 Sad Friendship Quotes and Their Morals:

Below are the top-queried yet effective sad friendship quotes that make you realize what friendship really is and how you can move on:

  1. Every time I trust somebody, they show me why I shouldn’t.

Moral: The above quote shares the idea of trusting and tells you how you’re not supposed trust anybody you meet. Trusting should be limited to a boundary – you must trust the ones you think are worthiest. You may still face the betrayals sometimes but the outcome of betrayals will be lesser.

  1. The people you don’t even notice know the real worth of you.

Moral: The quote above hints you about your friends and friendship with people unworthy to have you. It says how some people who you don’t communicate and connect with are always getting the best out of you while the ones who you call friends don’t even know your worth and make you feel like you’re a trash.

  1. At some point you have to accept that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

Moral: The quote above conveys the idea and message about your interest into some people and their boredom into you. No matter how hard you praise them or want them in your life, you end up giving them a place in your heart and not in your life – because they were never ready to accept you as a person they know.

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  1. I’ll always be there for you, they said and then left.

Moral: Do you still crave the moral about this quote above? No.

  1. Some things never go back to their initial state.

Moral: Things here refer to a friendship and friends. Sometimes we reach to a point where we feel like we lost some people who used to be the best of people for us – because of all the misunderstandings, betrayals, and new connections with new people. Now what we must accept here is that we can never be the old ones the old way.

Conclusion: Things might fall apart and never work the way you want them to work but there’s one thing you must keep in mind and consideration that: every relationship ends, sooner or later – all you have to do is to keep smiling and make them wonder why.

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