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7 Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared

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Signs he wants you back but is scared are not much but are enough for you to evaluate whether he is still into you or not.  Our previous article was relating to ‘EX’ as well but it was kind of a query as what to do when your ex texts you, while this time, we will be focusing on telling you what it takes for you to know whether you ex wants you silently or not, still; you need to know the signs that hint you whether you ex silently wants you back but is scared, so you are easy to decide to keep up with your ex or move on. [Moving On Quotes]

To get started, we have 2 sections named ‘Reactions’ and ‘Signs’; both are mutually important for you to know and proceed with.

Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared – Reactions:

After all these months of departure from your boyfriend, why would your ex boyfriend want you back and text you? To answer this question, you need to observe his reactions (reactions aid lots of time time) so that you know whether he’s still into you or not – reacting differently compared to earlier reactions is one of the signs your ex wants you back all over again. [How to Make Him Want You Back and Win Him?]

signs he wants you back but is scared

7 Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared to Commit:

You never know what happens next when he texts you after a break up which is why you’ll be needing the signs that hints your ex wants to be back with you. Following are the signs he wants you back but is scared:

  1. Your ex initiates the communication; initiators are likely the ones desperate to get attention and if your ex texts you first or initiate the communication, chances are that he/ she misses you already.
  2. Your ex talks about past memories; he/ she reminds you of how good your relationship was and what could’ve been done in order to prevent the break up.
  3. Your ex talks about future plans; he/ she starts picking you up in his/ her future roadmap and tells you about it.
  4. Your ex hides his/ her dating life (if there is one); he/ she does this just because of the fear of losing you, still. It is a good sign for you to evaluate whether your ex misses your or not.
  5. Your ex talks to you most of the time; he/ she always leaves you a message or something that keeps him/ her engage to you.
  6. Your ex changes; he/ she isn’t the person you used to hate (he/ she quits all the habits you hated when he/ she was your partner) – he/ she works harder this time to make everything work.
  7. Your ex calls you with random reasons; without anything big or worthy to talk about, he/ she will still call you so you get to think of him/ her at least once a day.

Now that you have the list of 7 signs he wants you back but is scared, you can decide whether you want to pursue the idea of getting back with him or get rid of him. [What Should I Do When I Miss My Ex-Boyfriend?]

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