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Signs of a Committed Relationship – 12 Effective Signs

Signs of a committed relationship are must for you and anybody willing to keep up with his/ her partner and relationship without facing any issues or making mistakes; you can get over-protective, loyal, trustworthy, and best of yourself but if your partner isn’t committed to you, there’s no path left for you to lead other than destructive path. And to get to know whether your partner is committed to you and relationship just like you are to your partner, you need signs. [Signs to Know If a Guy Likes You?]

Also, these days, it is not necessary for your person who calls you his/ her partner to be serious; you never know whether he’s lying or he means it – which is why you need signs of a committed relationship to aid you evaluate your relationship better. [How To Tell If a Guy Likes You?]

How Does Committed Relationship Look Like?

When the feelings, trust, loyalty, protection, love, and anything relatable are shared mutually to one another in a relationship, relationship becomes committed and real.

signs of a committed relationship

12 Signs of a Committed Relationship:

To get to know what it takes to tell if your relationship is real and serious, below are the signs of committed relationship:

  1. You spend a lot of time; when the relationship is realer and committed, the time spend together increases without fearing anything else – hours become minutes when you talk to your partner.
  2. You buy your partner stuff you buy for yourself; you find yourself to be buying items for your partner more than your buy items for your own self.
  3. You don’t lie; you become honest the minute you fall into a committed relationship – no matter what happens to you or anybody that matters, you won’t be able to lie about anything to your partner.
  4. You become loyal; you quit the idea of cheating on your boyfriend/ girlfriend anyhow. [Is Flirting Cheating?]
  5. You respect the adversities and understand them; unlike the people who yell about their needs not being fulfilled by their partners, you’ll find yourself looking for possibilities your partner had and how he/ she didn’t fulfill your desires – you’ll understand that he/ she tried and respect his/ her hard-work.
  6. You support your partner; life is but a rollercoaster you have to ride and go through, that brings both good days and bad days – you won’t resist being on your partner’s side, no matter what happens.
  7. You become jealous; you can’t help jealousy when your partner talks to some other guy/ girl other than you. If you’re girl, you might get jealous more because women are more jealous than men.
  8. You get to meet your partner’s best-friend; best-friends are shared with only the people who matter most – if you get to meet your partner’s best-friend or you let your partner meets your best-friend, you’re committed.
  9. You show love, all of the time; no matter how boring the topic gets, you show your affection to your partner the minute you get a chance.
  10. You plan future together.
  11. You want to fiancé your partner; when the will to marry your partner gets real, the relationship is committed.
  12. You marry your partner; no matter how harsh your life is or how ruined your partner’s life is, you are always looking for that very thing that could bond you up together – you don’t look the negative signs of your relationship not working out. [How to Love Forever and Always?]

Now that you know what the signs of a committed relationship are, you can easily compare both yourself and your partner to evaluate whether your relationship is committed or not.

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