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Signs Of a Failing Relationship – 11 Worthy Signs

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Keeping up with a partner and the desired relationship is a choice of everyone; nobody wants to let the relationship fail and the partner lose. Now that you are with the perfect girl/ perfect guy of your dreams for whom you’re willing to do anything, to make her/ him happy and get her/ him to like you more, it might get harder for you to bear the separation of you two; you don’t want to lose your partner anyhow. But, sometimes we do something we don’t realize whether they’re going to hurt our partners or not, and they do, sadly; they are also known as relationship mistakes. Now the question is, how do we know if we’re losing our partners or not – what are the signs of a failing relationship?

What are signs of a failing relationship?

Thinking and taking care of a relationship is a must-do thing we all should be doing. Thinking of your relationship as a hell is nothing but leading your relationship to a total destruction. It is no doubt that relationships are hardships, and you are never allowed to think of them as hell.

Signs of a failing relationship aren’t limited to the extent; there are so many signs that tell you about your partner and weighing of your relationship.

signs of a failing relationship

Signs of a failing relationship – 11 Signs:

Below are your 11 tell-tale signs that your relationship is failing:


Lies are the core-problems of leading a relationship to failure. There should be no lies if you want your relationship to last longer. And if you catch your partner lying to you, often, you’re in a wrong relationship.


Fights aren’t supposed to be on a regular basis; fights take place in every relationship but they shouldn’t be in your daily routine. More fights mean more chances to losing your partner and a relationship.


If your partner treats you in a wrong way and you’re still somehow managing the situation and taking care of everything just to keep the relationship safe and healthy, there’s a chance that you might blow up with the anger that you have in yourself (hidden). And this leads a relationship to failure as well.

If you feel like you’re being treated the wrong way, speak up.


Have you ever realized that your partner and you might have reached the peak level of disrespecting each other – with all the tiny little things that should be overlooked? If yes, your boat might sink, sooner or later.


Communication takes the best credit in any relationship – and you are supposed to talk more with your partner to keep the relationship on track. Most of the times, people communicate less which results in ignorance and unhappiness.


Look out for the mentions of your partner’s thoughts, dreams, and ideas. If she/ he mentions you in her/ his dreams, ideas, and thoughts, you are in a right relationship – If no, you are failing.


Is it okay for you to be with someone who doesn’t trust you enough? Do you find it okay? I guess NO.


If you feel like you are being avoided and overlooked by your partner (whether he/ she is interacting with his/ her friends more than you OR he/ she feels uncomfortable when you are around), you should quit.


When you are around your partner, find out whether he/ she makes you happy or not – ask your partner about it as well. If the mutual happiness is found, congrats – if no, move on.


You should be giving no rights to anybody who talks guilty and intolerable about you in front of your friends, family, and people (public). If you find such thing happening, it is one of the signs of a failing relationship.


After all of the signs above, there comes a Feeling Part and this is, most of the times when we are being cheated, we feel like something is wrong and isn’t happening the right way, and that is true, sometimes. If you feel like you are in a wrong relationship and you have most of the signs mentioned above, it is true that you should be moving on.

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