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11 Signs Of a Rebound Relationship

Are you in a relationship you smell something fishy about your relationship whether it’s a real relationship or a rebound relationship? It’s crucial and must-to-know thing when it comes to getting into a relationship; you must have to be sure whether you’re in a committed relationship or it’s just a rebound relationship before you can proceed to do more for your partner and your relationship. To be sure of that, you need signs of a rebound relationship to look upon.

Heartbreaks are painful and intolerable sometimes, which is why you have to lessen the chances to face another heartbreak if you faced it earlier. [Heartbroken Quotes]

If you’re in a relationship after break up with your ex and you know it’s just to fulfill your needs, it’s better to tell your partner about it before he/ she gets broke by you. [Why Rebound Relationships Fail?]


Signs Of a Rebound Relationship:

If you’re not in a relationship to fulfill your needs and you are confused whether your partner is with you to fulfill his/ her needs or he/ she loves you for real, below are the signs of a rebound relationship that will hint you of the type of your relationship:

  1. Your partner just came out of a relationship; if you know he/ she had a relationship earlier, chances of rebound relationship occur.
  2. Your partner tells you about how serious he/ she was in his/ her ex relationship; if you get to hear such sentences that make you think he/ she still thinks about his/ her ex, there are chances of occurring of rebound relationship.
  3. Your partner always talks about his/ her ex in front of you; he/ she still cares of his/ her ex because of the love that your partner had for them.
  4. Your partner loves you for no actual reason; upon asking, he/ she will go blank and will have nothing to say to you when you ask why your partner loves you.
  5. Your partner uses you to make his/ her ex jealous; if you sense your partner showing off of you in front of his/ her ex, it is one of the signs of a rebound relationship.
  6. You sense that there’s something wrong about your relationship; you get the gut feels about something fishy going on with you and your partner.
  7. Your partner prefers sex more than keeping you in his/ her arms; your partner uses you to fulfill his/ her need of sex that he/ she used to had earlier in an ex relationship.
  8. Your partner has not much common as you; it’s because your partner is busy making sex than making interest-match.
  9. Your partner’s interest in you changes often; someday, your partner prioritizes you, someday, your partner doesn’t – it is one of the signs of a rebound relationship as well.
  10. Your partner checks on you when he/ she is lonely; when your partner is happy, you won’t catch him/ her checking onto you.
  11. Your partner doesn’t introduce you to his/ her friends; no matter how serious you are to your partner, if the relationship is rebound, you won’t get to meet your partner’s friends.

Use these signs of a rebound relationship to find out the type of relationship you’re into.

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