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What To Do When Your Ex Wants You Back

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Break ups hurt and change the person in so many ways; to the fullest – you can go from calm person to the hyper one within minutes or you can be anything that you weren’t used to be, earlier. It’s natural of willing to do more for the person you love than they expect but what happens when you break up with them? You’re no longer the same person you used to be because of the hatred that you have and the priorities that you set. And when this happens and you get to find out that your ex wants you to be back together, what is it that you’re going to consider doing? In short, what to do when your ex wants you back? [What Should I Do When I Love My Ex?]

What To Do When Your Ex Wants You Back – #1 Why Did He/ She Message You?

The very first thing you should be considering is your ex wants to be back with you but the question is, why? Why would your ex want you back when in first place he/ she made you feel like you’re on your own and didn’t support you? To answer this question, we have few possibilities of why it happened, below:

  1. Your ex realized that he/ she was wrong.
  2. Your ex believes that it can work better this time.
  3. Your ex misses you.
  4. Your ex doesn’t want to lose you.
  5. Your ex thinks he/ she won’t find somebody like you.
  6. Your ex wants you back but as a friend.
  7. Your ex wants sex.


What To Do When Your Ex Wants You Back – #2 Things To Consider Doing:

Now that you have idea of why your ex messaged you/ wants you back after all this time, here’s what you need to be choosing from:

  1. Move on.
  2. Patch up.

Detailed descriptions of the listed items are mentioned below.

1 – Move On:

Moving on might look hard at first but it should be easier for you after all this time. All you have to do is to focus on your own self and do everything it takes to make your life better and happier.

2 – Patch Up:

In case you want to patch up with your ex, you need to answer the following questions before you proceed to go back to your ex and keep him/ her.

Following are the questions you need answers to:

  1. Why did your relationship end earlier?
  2. What do you think you could’ve done better?
  3. Why do you want your ex back?
  4. What change can you make to make your relationship work this time?
  5. Why is it that you think it’s worth it to have this relationship back?
  6. Why did this disappear?
  7. Why would this not disappear this time?

When you have answers to the questions above and they make you think you have to have this relationship back, you’re all set to go back and keep your ex to yourself. But, you need to be sure whether he/ she likes you or it’s just an idea.

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