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How to Act When You See Your Ex

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How are you going to act when you see your ex after a long time (or a short time) after the break up? This is where most people lose their minds and senses to act in a way that they should be.

If you have no clue of what is it to do or how should you be reacting when you see your ex somewhere that you visit after all this time, worry not; there are thousands of people (just like you) finding it hard to know what it takes to act normal and in senses. [Signs Your Ex Misses You]

What is it that you have to do when you see your ex?

Well, the answer is simple; you have to look calm, normal, and in senses. You don’t have to act like you’re abnormal and that break up hit you in the nerves or on mind and you’ve lost your senses – you have to stay calm and act like everything’s fine with you and your life. To do that, you need some way to aid you in becoming calm and normal. [How to Make Your EX Want You Back]

when you see your ex

9 Steps that Help You Act When You See Your Ex Somewhere:

Following are the ways or steps you should be looking upon when you see your ex anywhere after all this time:

  1. Stay calm; no matter how hurt you are and how you feel, don’t lash out on your ex – stay real calm and make your ex feel like you don’t care about your past experiences and nothing hit you right in the feels.
  2. Be humble; you don’t have to act rudely and in anger – if you find her staring at you, wave your hand and say “Hi” just like you’d do to some ordinary person you know. Don’t jump into a fight and make your ex realize you’ve gone mad, but make your ex feel that your life is better without them as well.
  3. Be mature and stop staring; don’t act like children who stare at people they know for no good reason, you know you’ve seen your ex and now you have to let your ex go because you have already moved on.
  4. Don’t cry; if you feel like you’re about to cry just because of the memories that you two had and how harsh they turn out to be, just don’t – control your emotions.
  5. Initiate conversation if they don’t do; you don’t have to act like you’re hurt but you have to make them feel that you’re still happy, even without them, and that the past doesn’t make you a worst person.
  6. Keep the conversation short; don’t act clingy and boring – keep the conversation brief and on point and mind your own business.
  7. Don’t flaunt; no matter how much you’ve achieved in all this time, you don’t have to show off just to make your ex jealous and envy.
  8. Don’t crave their attention; again, this has to do with the maturity – you don’t need no struggle to make your ex notice you. You have your own life and issues to deal with, stop wasting time to grab somebody’s attention who doesn’t even matter to you.
  9. Don’t look back; don’t act like you regret something regarding your relationship and you’re now missing your ex. Don’t just look back at your ex; do what you came up for.

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