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What To Do When Your Ex Texts You

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There comes the time when you get an unexpected “Hi” message from a person who broke you up, a while ago. I know it’s awkward and serious to get to know why he/ she is trying to connect with you when all he/ she did was break up with you, at first. But, what should you respond or reply when your ex texts you? That’s something to think about.

Don’t worry if you have no idea why did your ex text you after all this time what is it that you should be focusing on; we have collected all the possible information and possibilities of why it happened.

The parts to know everything when it comes to a text received by an ex are divided into two:

  1. Why did he/ she message you OR what does he/ she want?
  2. What should you be doing?

when your ex texts you

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Texts You?

It gets harder for you (and all) to evaluate the meaning or reason when your ex texts you which is why this part matters as well.

We can’t tell the exact reason why your ex messaged you after all this time, but some of the reasons that fit to this query are:

  1. Your ex misses you.
  2. Your ex wants you back.
  3. Your ex thinks he/ she did something worse.
  4. Your ex thinks he/ she can’t find better.
  5. Your ex wants to know how you’re doing.
  6. Your ex wants to keep the friendship.
  7. Your ex feels sorry.
  8. Your ex wants some action. (Sex pleasure)

What Should You Do When Your Ex Texts You?

Now that you have the closest reason to why your ex just texted you, you have to know how you should be responding.

For you to respond, you have two choices to make a choice from:

  1. You want to patch up.
  2. You want to quit.

Now that you have chosen from the choices above, you have to stay calm and don’t reply to him/ her immediately; make your ex wait. You have to make him/ her wait all of the time just so your ex realizes that you have a life and you are not worthless. After that, if you’re thinking of getting back all over again, here’s how to make your ex want you back all over again and why should you be doing this. If you want to quit, tell your ex right away. But remember, as mentioned, you have to make him/ her wait all this period. [What to Do When I Miss My Ex?]

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