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Find Out Why Do Married Men Cheat and Stay Married

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Why do married men cheat and stay married? That’s not only a single question regarding cheating men use to prefer a lot; there are lots of relatable questions which we’ll talk about later in this article. [Is Flirting Cheating When You’re In a Relationship?]

Notice: Not all men cheat. Here’s how to tell if a guy likes you or not.

What matters here is why is it that men (married or unmarried) cheat while they still have affairs – what made them do it? There’s not a single reason for this query; there are lots of reasons men run over other girls without thinking of their own partners.

Why Do Men Cheat and Lie – Relatable Questions:

As we mentioned earlier that this is not the only question that comes to girl’s mind when her husband cheats with somebody, there are more. To make this clear and help you reveal more of the related questions that come to women’ minds, we have gathered some of the heaviest and worthiest questions you need to have answers to.

Below are relatable questions to why men cheat:

  1. Why do men cheat and lie?
  2. Why do married men cheat and stay married still? (unmarried men sometimes cheat too but this article is focused more on married which is why we’ll be using the word “married”.)
  3. Why do married men have affair?
  4. Do happily married men cheat?
  5. Why do men have affairs at work?

why do married men cheat and stay married

Why Do Married Men Have Affair – Reasoning:

To get to know the reasons behind this question and relatable that we mentioned above, we have gathered the information off the psychologists and marriage counselors to help you know more of it.

Following are the reasons you should be thinking about when your husband cheats you and you know it:

He wants more sex:

The number one reason why men cheat is because they want more sex than they’re getting usually by their partners. You might believe it or not but that’s the core reason when men cheat.

If you miss out on giving him good sex, you know the reason why he’s out cheating on you.

He expects more and gets little:

That’s another reason for a man to cheat on his partner; he wants his partner to do more to him that includes hugs, support, conversations, hangouts, and relatable which he rarely gets. To fulfill this desire of him, he goes out and cheats.

It has been said and proven that if a man cheats, more chances of him of cheating are that his needs are not being met completely in a relationship. [Relationship Advises for Women]

Note: they are not always the same included things (mentioned above) that he wants, he might want something different other than them. You might find it harder to take the sayings out of him because men are hard to express, but you can give it a try and ask him what he wants.

He craves emotions:

If you’re missing to give him feelings and emotions which every girl/ woman should be thinking about and giving, that’s one of the core reasons too.

Men want emotions and feelings when they are in contact with their partners the same as they want sex. It’s your first priority to be aware of that; make sure you give him the emotions and feelings he deserves.

He wants to communicate:

Communications plays a great role when it comes to relationships – it is one of the relationship mistakes most men/ women make.

How could you not talk to a person you’re in relationship with? I mean, your husband is at work most of the time and when he comes back, you’re tired of work too which results the lack of communication. That is wrong; communication should always take place in a relationship. To fulfill this part, he cheats on you because he realizes you’re not into him.

He wants attention:

Who doesn’t want attention? Do you? No. Then, why would you not give attention to your husband and question about him cheating on you.

After all this work that he has done at the office, if he doesn’t get attention at home, how would he feel? Think about that. Men don’t want you to look perfect when you’re around but they want you to give them attention, most. Make sure you don’t give any other girl a chance to give your man an attention.

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