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Why Is He Ignoring Me? – Find Out Now

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Why is he ignoring me for real? Have you too got to the point where you got ignore by your boyfriend/ husband or you husband doesn’t know how to be a good one? Most of us face this Ignoring Part often in a lifetime experience. If you’re experiencing already, you should be ready to find out the facts so that he doesn’t ever ignore you in future. If you are not, brace yourself.

You might have asked yourself as why is he ignoring me? Like, what have I done wrong that made him ignore me? That’s a worrying part, and this is why I couldn’t say to you to not worry at this very part. There are so many reasons you can think of when a guy ignores you. No girl or guy would want to offer somebody saying “Hey! Come, ignore me.” Everybody wants attention and for that, most of us struggle hard. Still, some of us aren’t much appreciated as compared to others.

Why is he ignoring me

Why Is He Ignoring Me For Real?

There are so many ways that help you find out the real reason when a guy ignores you. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

  • It is probably possible that you did something he didn’t expect you to do. You might have done something that made him ignore you for real.
  • It is possible that when your boyfriend ignores you, he’s not into you anymore.
  • One of the reasons when your boyfriend ignores you is also that he’s cheating on you.
  • He can be shy as well; depending on the personality he has. Find out whether he’s shy or if he’s ignoring you.
  • The chances might be that he has no clue as what to do and what he wants; he’s probably confused. Help him out.
  • Do you have an idea of the type of person he is? You might be dating some arrogant and careless guy who has no idea how to treat a girl the right way.
  • He might want to break up with you.
  • He might be looking for some way to tell you that he needs a little space where he can be personal, but is afraid to tell you.
  • It is probably imaginable/ conceivable that he’s still immature; he has no idea what is he doing.
  • He’s a gay.

Now that you have some of the core reasons to your question as why does he ignore me, let’s move on to the next part that tells you the things to keep in mind when your boyfriend ignores you.

Things to Do When a Guy Ignores You


Following are the things you can do whenever you see your partner ignoring you:


  • Ask yourself whether you’ve done something wrong or not, and work on it for yourself without asking him to let you know the reason.
  • If you’ve spent much time with him, you might have an idea of his perspective of seeing things. Try to see things his way.
  • Don’t let that idea of him ignoring you stuck in your head.
  • If you think you haven’t done something wrong, find out what’s bugging him.
  • Try and make an effort to go outside somewhere with him. This will relax him if some other things are bugging him like a job and workload.
  • Tell him why you felt like being ignored and how exactly did it feel.
  • Listen closely with your heart and mind opened. You must throw off the idea and the fact that he has ignored you for a while to listen carefully. You shouldn’t be yelling in your mind as “no, no, he ignored me and blah blah.
  • Think before you act.

Things to NOT Do When a Guy Ignores You

Below are the core must-not-do things when your boyfriend ignores you:

  • Don’t ignore him back, never. You might lose him forever.
  • Don’t hint that he has done something wrong (ignored you) but, talk to him the right way and at the right time. Say NO to “hinting.
  • Don’t do something stupid for him to notice you just because you felt like he ignored you.
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