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A Word That Means More Than Love

If you are searching for a word that means more than love, you’ve come the very right place for clearer understanding and context regarding that query as if there’s a word that means more than love or not.

Word That Means More Than Love – Evaluation:

First, we’re going to split the types and definitions of LOVE and evaluate what really love is.

Below is the split categories/ types (definitions as well) of love:

  • Adoration.
  • Adulation.
  • Understanding.
  • Supporting
  • Sacrificing
  • Humble.
  • Feeling.
  • Infatuation.
  • Neurotic.
  • Helping.
  • Living.
  • Eros.
  • Agape.
  • Pragma.
  • Ludus.
  • Philia.
  • Philautia.
  • Storge.
  • Pleasure.

And many more.

Note: The above list contains both the definitions/ meanings of love as well as the types of love.

This list above shows us and gives us an idea of how vast the area of love is; it isn’t a just single word that we use just to feel for somebody and get attached to them by saying “I love you”. Love is out of boundaries and hard to explain.  No person can ever tell what love and how it means less or more.

Word That Means More Than Love – Finalizing:

You should know that the word “love” and “hate” are of great importance and means a lot, depending on how a person is using these words and how a person feels about these words as well. There is an ocean of feelings and meanings that these two words contain in themselves and it’s hard and always will be to find how hard you’ve fallen for them.

There is no word that means more than love, and it always will be one worthiest and weighing word, all the way.

If you feel like you need some other word replaceable with love, you’ve never fallen in love and you have no idea what that is.

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