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Would You Rather Questions – 38 Hilarious Questions

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Would you rather questions are still often used to kill time as well as break the ice and start the conversation. It is found to be one of the best fun games to play over text. There’s no doubt that this game of asking these would you rather questions can help you engage the person you are talking with for a long time – killing the silence and speaking up for hours is the aim of this game.

‘Would you rather’– How this game is played?

Would you rather game is played by asking ‘would you rather questions’ and the person who is asked the question, has to choose between the  2 choices (defined by the asker). You can never choose ‘both’ choices or ‘neither’ of them.

would you rather questions

Would You Rather Questions:

People look out for the hilarious questions relating this game that put a seal on the opponent’s mouth. Keeping that need of shutting somebody’s mouth right away, we had to choose some of the best would you rather questions that you can ask from anybody and leave them stunned in the end.

Following are 38 would you rather questions that we chose to be hilarious of all:

Would you rather be ugly and rich OR cute and poor?

Would you rather be hopeless romantic OR hopeful unromantic?

Would you rather be friend-zoned by the girl/ guy you want OR be in the relationship with gay/ lesbian (same-sex)?

Would you rather be sticky OR itchy for the rest of your life?

Would you rather see your girlfriend/ boyfriend having sex with another guy OR you would want her/ him to send you a sex-tape?

Would you rather smell like rotten fish when you fart OR have a green cloud appear when you fart?

Would you rather see your boyfriend/ girlfriend having sex in porn OR have you in it?

Would you rather be a guy with girl’s personality OR a girl with guy’s personality?

Would you rather have to hiccups for the rest of your life OR have a feeling like you’re going to sneeze but you can’t?

Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber’s songs OR Baby by Justin Bieber?

Would you rather eat shit that tastes like chocolate OR eat chocolate that tastes like shit?

Would you rather get kissed by Kanye OR have a kiss with Kanye?

Would you rather be the most stupid person in the room OR be the dumbest?

Would you rather have Lamborghini in dreams OR don’t have it?

Would you rather stop living your life OR quit?

Would you rather live a king’s life with no friends and family OR be homeless with friends and family?

Would you rather have Nokia 230 with jack OR an iPhone with no jack?

Would you rather kill Harambe OR be the bullet that killed Harambe?

Would you rather have vaginas for ears OR penises for fingers?

Would you rather be bald OR have no hair?

Would you rather have sex with a dog having no one knows OR have no sex with a dog having people doubt that you did?

Would you rather play League Of Legends OR Dota 2?

Would you rather know how you are going to die OR know when you’re going to die?

Would you rather be invisible OR be John Cena?

Would you rather lose the sense of smell OR sense of touch?

Would you rather spit OR swallow?

Would you rather give oral sex OR receive it?

Would you rather wear a bra with no breasts OR have breasts with no bra?

Would you rather have your farts to be deadly but silent OR loud with no harm?

Would you rather have a butt on your nose OR nose on your butt?

Would you rather smell like a pig OR be one?

Would you rather starve OR have no food to eat?

Would you rather have nipple-sized penis OR penis-sized nipple?

Would you rather have lots of money but no health OR have health but no money?

Would you rather be a Kim Kardashian OR Kanye’s Wife?

Would you rather burn to death OR freeze to death?

Would you rather have no legs OR no arms?

Would you rather have your body found on lots of drugs OR lots of sex-toys?

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